Life Lately // Our return from SE Asia & Celebrating in Lewes, DE

Life Lately // Our return from SE Asia & Celebrating in Lewes, DE

Lewes, Delaware - The Overseas Escape-5

Our return back to the US wasn’t a breeze. After attending my first-ever blogging conference, TBEX (more on that later), I was totally wiped- just in time for a multi-leg return to Virginia including 12 hours in Tokyo and 36 in Denver. For a second there, we thought I’d come down with malaria with lots of dizzy spells and nausea. Meanwhile my mom not-so-quietly hoped I was pregnant. After a quick visit to the ER the diagnosis was a simple combo of exhaustion and some sort of bug, exacerbated by all the travel. It wasn’t quite the conclusion to our journey I had hoped but fortunately nothing overly concerning. After my laptop cord voluntarily melted itself I opted for a blogging hiatus last week while I caught up on a little R&R. (Sorry!)

This weekend we celebrated the wedding of two very close friends in Lewes, Delaware. The same duo that joined us on our trip to Lake Como in May. I hadn’t visited Lewes (pronounced ‘Louis’) before but oh my gossssh the town is a charmer! Have you ever been? On Saturday morning I spotted the pinkish morning light through the hotel curtains and forced myself to get up and explore the town as the sun rose. The sky against the river was tranquil and beautiful.


the early bird gets the… dreamy Monet sunrise. ?

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As I walked alone I couldn’t help but consider the dramatic contrast of life there versus Bangkok, where I’d been just days prior. Suddenly all the little pieces of daily living made sense again. I easily recognized all the foods on the breakfast buffet. The chatter on the radio, the street signs, the social cues and nuances – all of it made sense. Of course I appreciate cultural immersion but after being abroad for so long it was nice to subconsciously understand the everyday. Do you know what I mean? Last night we finally made it to my parents house in Fredericksburg, Virginia and had a big, happy reunion with Stuart (our adorrrrable fluffy schnoodle, for those just joining). We took him on a walk around the nearby golf course and ooh’d and ahh’d at the fall foliage. It’s so great to be back in Virginia! For the next few weeks we plan to setup shop here while we square away our next steps. I’ve got sooo many crazy stories and pictures to share from our travels I absolutely cannot wait to share, so don’t go anywhere. 😉

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