Life Lately // Spring In Virginia

Life Lately // Spring In Virginia

Shark Mountain Coffee
621 Nash Street
Charlottesville, VA

April 14, 2016

Readers of The Overseas Escape
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Dear Mr. & Mrs. Friends,

On a particularly sunny spring day in a particularly beautiful region in Virginia, I’m feeling pretty pleased with the world – especially Charlottesville!

For all the months that we toiled with deciding on where we wanted to repatriate to in the US it appears that we made a really great decision. The best part? Our daily life is pretty similar to the one we left in Germany, which is what we ultimately all that we wished for. While I tumbled around in Craigslist apartment ads for everywhere from Honolulu to Boulder, the bottomline is that we wanted to be in a good community with a high walkscore, and we sure got it!

For Dan and I, the day starts at 7ish (with emphasis on the “ish”) as it creeps towards half past. Stuart continues his slumber, side-eyeing us as we move around the room, obviously agitated by arrival of morning. While Dan reliably packs a lunch and scoots out the door by 8, between walking Stuart then spending an equal amount of time cooing over him, I don’t depart for another 30 minutes. Lately I’ve been on a kick of asking him, repeatedly, “You’re just a little one, aren’t you?” to which he pivots his head from side to side and I melt.

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The three of us reconvene again at the end of the day on the couch and half-watch reality tv (lately it’s been a grab bag between Impractical Jokers, Fixer Upper and Shark Tank) or go running or both. Despite the guilt, we’ve also been succumbing to the joy of break and bake cookies and I typically cave around 8PM and make 4 of them, 2 each for Dan and and I. Poor Stuart, I know.

Recently we welcomed our sweet friends Lucas and Lisa to Charlottesville for the weekend. During their visit we participated in ‘First Fridays’. Held on the first Friday of each month on the Downtown Mall, all the art galleries open their doors to visitors and pour wine (fo’ free y’all!). The following day I made a super caloric blueberry lemon french toast casserole (here’s the recipe) and we explored a handful of the nearby vineyards including a stop at our favorite, Pollack, which allows dogs in their tasting room. Good, clean, wine-infused fun is what it was!


While my little travel consultancy is still finding it’s feet, I’m so excited about the future. Meanwhile, I’m really pleased with how wonderful life is in central Virginia. More than that, I’m embracing the three things that make me most happy: sunshine, wine, and loved ones.



  • What a unique way for Life Lately post. Sunshine wine and loved ones sounds mighty fine with me. Good luck with your travel consultancy – so inspirational.

    • you’re a sweet heart, thanks so much for the support Lillian! it’s a long journey of learning, trying things, retooling then trying again but thus far it’s been surprisingly rewarding.

  • Life in Virginia sure sounds to treat you well! 🙂 I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing and hearing more about Charlottesville some time!

    • yes ma’am – you got it! I’ve been traveling a lot recently but as it warms up and I get to know the area then I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share.

      I wanted to tell ya – we lent your Thailand book to some friends of ours that were headed that way. They came back and were like “we didn’t know you guys liked vegetarian food so much but those places were wonderful!”… it turns out that they read and followed all your notes! 😀

      • Ha, that’s hilarious! Glad my notes were helpful for someone! 😉 I also love how the book keeps making the rounds – it’s now been to Thailand three times in two years!

  • Kari Guastella

    So glad you’re loving Charlottesville! It’s such a great city!

    • thanks, dear! We really, really lucked out living here – it’s definitely made the repatriation process so much easier.

  • Aww it seems like you guys are really enjoying life in Charlottesville! It looks like spring is gorgeous there! Good luck with your travel consultancy! Also, those three things make me immensely happy too 🙂

    xoxo Jess

    • thanks so much for the support, dear! so here’s an idea, why don’t we start a virtual wine club? like forget books… let’s buy the same bottles of vino and talk about it. say yes! 😀

  • Veena

    I am so glad to hear that you both have found your place! I am hoping for the same when I head back to the States in about 7 weeks. Fingers crossed!

    • oh girl, i’m here for you as you transition back! feel free to email any time if you need an ear, k? just remember that the repatriation process has it’s bumps but isn’t so bad in the end, i promise!

  • lovely!

  • Charlotesville is such a nice place! Honestly I can’t believe you picked it over Honolulu or Boulder though… what I wouldn’t give to live either of those places! :O

    • ha! oh I hear ya, girl! when we initially decided on Honolulu my husband was committed to the idea that he was going to surf every morning… because people actually do that there, which is nuts! where is home for you?

      • That sounds like a dream! I’m living in Blacksburg, VA right now… currently in grad school at Virginia Tech. My husband and I are thinking about where to move after I finish school. Orlando and Denver are two top contenders!

  • I’m glad that you are enjoying! Also, that website about walkability is awesome.

  • This is so nice! Love reading about how everything just fell into place. Much love to you both and happiness always! 🙂