Life Lately (in GIFs!)

Life Lately (in GIFs!)

Sintra, Portugal

Taking a break from all the travel posts, this my life in lately in GIFs (because it’s more fun that way).

When my spin instructor chose to play Nickelback twice in a one hour class:

Please, noooo. Nickelback have come, now they are gone. Thank goodness my favorite instructor on Thursday nights is a former DJ and plays the besttttt music. Currently loving Cheerleader by Omi.

Stuart playing in 2 feet of snow during our recent visit to the Black Forest:

Though he absolutely hates water, it seems that he’s a tiny husky at heart. Both days we were there he ran around like a MAD man through the snow and then conked out under the heater in our hotel room the rest of the time. My family used to call it “The Doggy 500” when our dog would go nuts running in circles. Was that just us?

(We also referred to the dog bed as a ‘basket’ which I now realize is the not normal. “In your basket” we’d say, like it was a normal destination.)

Attempting to style my new short haircut:

TSwift inspired me to do it. After growing my hair out for years I went under the knife (well, scissors) and cut it all off. Now it’s chin length and I have no idea what I’m doing when I try to style it.

So, I don’t.

Seeing alt-J live in Frankfurt last weekend:

One of my favorite things ever is live music. Dan and I snuck up to Frankfurt last weekend to see alt-J perform. As expected they were wonderful and for a second there we felt like we were back in our dear old 930 Club in DC. My favorite song of theirs is Taro, check it out.

Watching the 40th anniversary of SNL on Sunday:

I’ll admit, sometimes SNL has it’s flops but the 40th anniversary absolutely killed me. Melissa McCarthy’s Chris Farley impression was amazing!

When I look outside and see the sun SHINING:

Guys, it’s seriously been months. Couple the endless gray skies with extra short days (Heidelberg is the same latitude with northern Maine) and I literally can’t even**. Alas, late February is bringing patches of sunshine and longer days!

**Why do sorority girls only travel in odd numbers? Because they literally can’t even.

(I can’t say/type ‘literally can’t even’ without thinking of this dumb joke. I also have the free pass to share this because I was in a sorority. ;D)

Trying to read signage in Budapest this weekend: 

Without Latin as the root, Hungarian is an absolute tongue-twister. Letters hangout beside each other that in English would never be the case. For example, “Cheers!” is “Egészségedre” and phontectically sounds like “I guess she could drive”. Right.

When I see pics on Instagram from NYFW:

Wait, we’re supposed to wear that stuff… in real life? I can NOT handle the fringe and nor am I pleased about the platform shoe returning. I can’t shake the 1998 Delia’s catalog that comes to mind.

When Dan brings up training for the Heidelberg Half Marathon April 26:

It’s such a nice idea, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll even get a shirt out of it. I just don’t feel like getting off the couch and moving around… outdoors.

Reaching 3,000 followers on Bloglovin & RSS! Geh!

What?! I’m seriously glad y’all are here to join me on this wild page in my life. Tell me, what do you want from me? Tips on travel, pictures of Stuart… what the heck, a vlog? Anything – it’s all yours.

(No, not anything, but it sounds so nice when I say it!)