Let’s go to Oktoberfest!

Let’s go to Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
It all started at the Hofbrahaus.
Our dear friends joined us last week for Germany’s most popular event – Oktoberfest. We’d planned the visit for months. Then last week, it finally arrived. They finally arrived. By a miraculous stroke of good luck, we landed rooms at Marriott using points that the boys had accumulated through work travels. Our first evening we cautiously metroed to Marienplatz bracing ourselves for the hours to come.
 We had a hearty dinner, made friends (hi guys!) and were entertained by a cute chap with a whip (!) who was later joined by a dancer spinning in circles so fast that my stomach hurt for her.Oh, and we drank a few liters of beer.
Just so, you know, we could get acquainted with the stuff.
The oompha band partied on while we ducked out, preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the day ahead.
Enter: Oktoberfest.
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
A simple, infamous, party held on huge fairgrounds within the city. Upon arrival it surprises most folks to find that the majority of the fest consists of an endless amount of amusement park rides, games (the target market must be 29 year old men), and German fair eats. Since Munich lies in the German state of Bavaria, Bavarian dress is the norm here. Everyone, young and old, sports their best dirndl (ladies) and lederhosen (gents). This scene looks like a ton of fun and I can understand why this is so popular with families.
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
We were on another mission though – the Hacker Pshorr tent. One of 14 monstrous tents at Oktoberfest, Hacker Pshorr is noted as being the best.
The lederhosen-clad boys led the way sporting sweet USA socks.
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Once inside we were hit by a wave of commotion and music.
We quickly grabbed a table (11AM at this point) and ordered our first round. Beers are 10E each but served in a 1 Liter ‘Mass’ and at least 6% abv each equates to drinking 4 Bud Lights.
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
After a few hours of chatting with our neighbors, drinking (Radler’s for the gals!) and attempting to get the table to play ‘The Ground is Lava!’ the boys concluded that IT was time.
They stood up on our table, before hundreds of fellow partiers, and with full beers in hand called out “Prost!”. Chugging their beers, it was quiet at first, then chanting and cheering erupted. Dan and our buddy finished in 17 seconds (!) and the crowd roared. Our new German friend, who had joined them, accidentally left a few drops at the bottom of his mass and was taunted with boo’s. Looking down in embarrassment he quickly threw back the rest and the hall cheered.
Here’s what happened:

Later into the night this charade happens frequently. Once was enough for the guys though and they spent the rest of the blurry day on man-Cloud 9. 
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
 A handy seat map at the front of the hall, each little line is a table filling 10-12 people with seating inside and outside in the beer garden. By lunch time the place was nearly packed. The square box in the center is for the oompha band, standing on a revolving stage so no one has a bad seat. Brilliant!
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
As the night wore on we made more and more friends at the tables around us. Standing and singing to songs like Sweet Caroline and Country Roads. Clanking our mass’s, yelling “Prost!” for what felt like every other minute. It was certainly one of the most memorable and fun events that I’ve attended, ever.
Oktoberfest, Munich, GermanyOktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
I’m scribbling it off my bucket list now. Oktoberfest for the win!
So, is this little event on YOUR bucket list yet?
  • Ha love the video! Looks like such a wonderful time, Oktoberfest is definitely on my bucket list!

  • I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about Oktoberfest, but the way you describe it here actually makes me want to go!! Maybe next year! We’re headed to Germany for our first time in just under 2 weeks! 🙂

  • Ummm this looks like a blast!! Hate we missed it this year. Your outfits are stellar and the video is just awesome! So. Much. Fun!!!

  • Looks like you had such a fun time – almost makes this non-beer-loving gal go there as well! 😉 And just how cute are you guys looking rocking your Lederhosen and Dirndl?! 😉

  • It’s been on my bucket list forever! If we’re still kid-less (or able to get an awesome babysitter), we’re penciling in ourselves for Oktoberfest 2016. Where did you get your dirndl? Buy or rent? I’m on the hunt for a good one!

  • I love your photos! They bring back memories of when I went a few years ago! I think we were in the tent that’s in your very first actual Oktoberfest picture — Schottenhamel? Though I could be mistaken! But I remember waiting in the rain in the early morning to get in, the huge beers and soup and pretzels, standing on tables and singing all day long, surrounded by my German friends! It’s one of my favorite memories and I hope I can get back for another Oktoberfest sometime! 🙂

  • Oktoberfest looks like so much fun! Any festival with this much beer, pretzel, and communal goodness is a place I want to be.

    Your pictures are awesome, too! Were you ever worried about getting beer on your camera?

  • It definitely is! I love all the pictures and that video is awesome. I went to an Oktoberfest celebration over the weekend but it was in Virginia…haha still a great time but I hope to experience the real thing some day! My boyfriend is fluent in German so I don’t think it’ll be hard to convince him to go one day 🙂


  • How bad were the hangovers? =) That looked like a blast!

  • Oh, so one of those steins is equivalent to 4 Bud Lights. It all makes sense now…but, for real, Oktoberfest a an absolute blast! I took my terrible dinky camera for fear of theft or accidentally dropping it off the roller coaster, so my pictures are really bad!

  • omg this has been on my bucketlist forever!! 🙂 i love your outfit you and the photos look so much fun!

  • This is SO on my bucket list! I am dying to go. That looks like so much fun and I love the video 🙂

  • Attending and Oktoberfest is still on my bucket list! It looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures! x

  • waa! this looks awesome! now I wish I went too this year 🙂 I went to Munich once with school but that was unfortunately not during oktoberfest 😉

  • I can’t. I just can’t. My brain exploded. I’ll come back later with an actual words.

  • Let me just go throw up at the thought of chugging that much beer in 17 seconds…

    haha definitely not a beer person, but go ahead and give me the massive pretzel!

  • This looks like soooo much fun!

  • Oh my gosh! Everything is perfect! The pictures – THAT VIDEO! I feel like I was there with y’all…but I wasn’t…so I’ll go cry in a ball in the corner now while flipping through the pictures again!

    Love youuuu, my little muffin.

  • haha! My little love! NEXT TIME. I swear that the Bulka clan is returning next year and we’d just die if the Wyatt’s were with us.

  • And the good thing is that I kind of remember most of it! 😀

  • Haha! Okay, so you’re game for carb-loading on pretzels instead of beer? Got it! 😀 (ha!)

  • Ha! You, my friend, you kill me. I want to write LOL because that’s what just happened but then I’d be using LOL like a tween and that’s not right.


  • Ha! Perhaps you can swing by Munich in a year or so and check it out – I’m sure you’d love it!

    I have to confess – I’ve been a follower of your blog for awhile now and I’m flattered to have you over here on Guten Blog Ya’ll (no, really!). You are such a talented photographer, keep up the great work!

  • Thanks, love! Is there syndrome prone to expats for having a never-ending bucket list? I think we both have it. 😀

  • Ha! Thanks, dear! After I stopped the recording I couldn’t help but replay it over and over to the boys – it captures the wild moment(s) perfectly! Kudos to them!

  • Thanks, dear! Honestly, the dirndl was pretty comfortable – good thing too because it’s going to be my halloween costume for the next ten years. 😀

  • Haa, yeah exactly, it all makes sense NOW. If only I’d known that circa 5PM during my visit. NO WONDER I ended the night dancing to Kesha and eating room service, right?

  • Such a poignant question, ha. I’ll spare you the details!

    Really – it was so much fun, you MUST go!

  • NEXT YEAR. Right?!

  • Oh wonderful! Now, I’m also a VA girl so to me that still sounds like a ton of fun. Really though, if the BF knows German, y’all must go next year. Tie it in with a side trip to Salzburg or Prague then you’d have a nice little European vacay!

  • I love that – “communal goodness”. You nailed it, definitely a place to be! Regarding my camera, it’s one of my most valued possessions (true) so I tend to keep a close eye on it no matter how blurry and wild things are around me. In other words, I think I just got lucky that it didn’t get dunked in a giant Mass. 😀

  • Oh that DOES sounds like so much fun. I think that’s the thing about it, Oktoberfest, you really get to know and love all those around you. Everyone just wants to have a great time, it’s awesome. That’s funny about the first picture of the tent you went in. I didn’t actually go inside but I liked the look of it. 🙂

  • Ah, sounds like the perfect plan. I bought my dirndl from the Kauhof Galleria in Heidelberg. Surprisingly it was only 70E while some of them go for 200E, it’s nuts!

  • Ha! Surprise, the Heidelberg Blate is a costume party and we all have to wear dirndls! (Jk, but what if we did though…) 😀

  • Haha. Looking back on these pictures makes me have a big cheesy grin. If y’all go next year (you should!) let’s take cute dirndl pictures, okay? 😀

  • Oh yeayah! Safe travels! Email me if you need anything, okay? You’re going to have an amazing time! gutenblogyall@gmail.com

  • That’s amazing! It’s so cute, too!

  • Ha, those boys really are ridiculous aren’t they? I wonder if your Viking would be up for the tabletop Prost challenge? 😀

  • Ha, good! Glad I could influence your bucket list in the right direction! Your friends are right – definitely a ‘go at least once’ kind of thing! 🙂

  • Ha, thanks! Email me in 2016 and you can borrow it for the week! 😉

  • haha i love that and beer will just always be a part of your costume!!

  • Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! That video had me laughing!! I went to Octoberfest in LA with my German friend and can only imagine what one IN Germany would be like. I love your guy’s smiles in every photo – big and happy. Love it!

  • Ha that’s so sweet 🙂 🙂 happy to hear that 🙂

  • This has seriously been on my bucket list for ages!!!! Looks like you had a blast and how fun that you had friends come visit!!!

  • I wish I knew it far earlier…haha!

  • I would love to do that!!! Hopefully we’ll make that happen soon 🙂

  • That looks awesome! Did you do the worm?:)

  • This is definitely on my list for sometime in the next couple of years. The older I get, the harder it is to drink all day so we gotta get there soon!

  • Also, if you don’t mind me asking, what filter did you use on these pics? I love their dark moodiness (without losing the depth of color).

  • so so so glad you had a good time!! you look amazing in your Dirndl 🙂 I went to Oktoberfest in 2011, in a dirndl of course. it was so much fun! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Thanks dear! I use A Beautiful Mess presets but tweak them pretty heavily in order to keep the details in the shadows. I definitely recommend checking them out though!

  • We went to Oktoberfest in Munich during the last weekend as well. It was SO much fun. I had a blast. Everyone seemed so happy and friendly (well, not in the bathroom lines lol) and it was definitely memorable. I’m glad you enjoyed it too!

  • Thanks! Off to check it out now. I have a few sets that I use and tweak, but I haven’t found anything that gives both a moody and vintage vibe, without screaming “vintage action.” This one looks perfect.

  • It looks really fun! A friend of mine and her bf went to Germany for a two week trip and accidentally stumbled into Ocktoberfest haha

  • You look fabulous in your dirndl! Although it is my home country, I never had the chance to attend the Oktoberfest. Happy to see you had so much fun!

  • Elizabeth Stockert

    Where did you guys get your dirndl and lederhosen? and do you have any tips on scoring something cute/ affordable ? I’m trying to get a jump on next years Oktoberfest. We want to blend in, but we don’t want to spend a fortune on something we’ll probably only wear once!

  • I love the photos! Isn’t Oktoberfest just the best? Cute dirndl : )