Photo Diary: La Turbie, France // Roman Roots on the French Riviera

Photo Diary: La Turbie, France // Roman Roots on the French Riviera

La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-19

Less than a mile from Monaco, perched on the hillside, is a tiny village called La Turbie. It’s not on the tourist route. If you happened to stop there, you likely on your way to Trophee d’Auguste, a fantastic overlook peering down on the glam of Monaco. Our stop was more or less accidental but ended up entailing a peaceful, dreamy stroll through the village. Unlike some of the other communities we visited in the Cote d’Azur, La Turbie appears totally unspoiled from the surge of tourism to the region. A true peek into the region’s historic past and Roman roots. The walk could have been completed in 15 minutes but sighting the warm cobbled alleys and absolute tranquility of the village, I spent almost an hour talking pictures.

La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-1La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-22La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-21La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-20La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-18La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-2La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-12La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-17La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-3La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-16La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-11La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-14La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-13La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-9La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-8La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-10La Turbie, France - The Overseas Escape-7

In complete juxtaposition to the unobtrusive village of La Turbie, that evening the girls and I visited the famous Monte Carlo casino in Monaco. Within moments of arrival my 40 euro self-given budget evaporated on the roulette table. Outside exotic cars rolled by and we did our best to channel ourselves as posh travelers who spent our day sunbathing on a mega yacht, not enjoying the peace of a nearby village. 😉

Monaco - The Overseas Escape-3Monaco - The Overseas Escape-1Monaco - The Overseas Escape-2

Have you ever had a similar pendulum swing of experiences in a destination? A lavish dinner before turning in at your hostel? Dining at the local dive then sitting front-row on Broadway? I’d love to hear about it!

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  • Wow. Absolutely stunning photos.

    • Margo

      thanks, my dear! always appreciate your sweet words! xo

  • Gorgeous photos! Speaking of weird transitions, I once spent an afternoon wine tasting at vineyards near Aix-en-Provence where it was gently snowing, and then half an hour later I went to Cassis, where it was a typical Mediterranean beautiful day. It was so strange!

    • Margo

      Oh, how odd! I didn’t realize that the weather could be so extreme in the region? I bet you LOVED Aix-en-Provence, I’ve heard amazing things.

      • Yeah, it was a strange day. And yes, Aix-en-Provence is amazing! I studied abroad there for a year in university, and it was a great base for traveling around the region.

  • Sounds like such a magnificent little village and what a fun day! When I studied abroad, I lived for those times when we would discover a place that hadn’t been discovered by tourists yet – the authenticity! They usually had a little more grit to them and therein lied the perfection.

    xo Mary-Katherine |

    • Margo

      “They usually had a little more grit to them and therein lied the perfection.” You are a poet, girlfriend! I couldn’t agree with you more – a little rust around the edges is the perfect frame! xo

  • Breathtaking! Seems like a little piece of Italy tucked away in France 🙂

    • Margo

      totally agree. to be fair La Turbie might be less than 50 miles from Italy. it definitely channels that Italian vibe well, doesn’t it?

  • Veena

    Gorgeous photos! You’ve got me dreaming of a European getaway while I sit in Bangalore’s sweltering February heat xx

    • Margo

      oh girl, it’s the least I can do! good luck with the heat! I do admit though, it’s serious coat weather in DC this weekend and I wouldn’t mind a mid-winter shorts/tshirt break! wanna to flip-flop for a few days?

      • Veena

        Yes, please! 🙂

  • Ah, what a beautiful town! I have not had such a difference in experiences, but hey, save on unimportant things and splurge on exciting experiences is definitely the way to go! 😀

    • Margo

      he! thanks for not judging my terrible ‘investment’ on the roulette table! carpe diem!

  • lovely town!

    • Margo

      totally agree! I wish I had a chair and a bottle of wine to relax in one of those alleys for awhile, you know? ha

  • You find the most gorgeous little towns.

    • Margo

      Ha, to say the least, I do a LOT of pinterest searching before I go anywhere.

  • I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and just want to finally say that I love it. And the photography is beautiful. I had to re-read the title because after scrolling through I would have sworn it was somewhere in Italy.

    • Margo

      Lillian how sweet are you?! thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your sweet thoughts about my blog! I sincerely appreciate it! If you’re a Lightroom lover like me you should join on Wednesday March 4th for my LR demo on how I edit my images! 😀 xo!

  • Kari Guastella

    What a gorgeous little town! I’d love to visit it sometime!

    • Margo

      thanks so much, my dear! I always appreciate your sweet comments! xoxo

  • these colours oh my. absolutely beautiful photos x

    • Margo

      thank you so much, Jana! I’m doing a Lightroom class on March 4th if you’d like to join! 🙂

  • That’s a lovely village! I love the photos <3

    Big Dreamer

  • Very pretty!!

  • HandLuggageOnly

    This is so stunning! Lovely photos Margo!

  • The pictures remind me of Collioure, France (between Spain and Provence). So beautiful! We did a roadtrip a few years ago from Barcelona to northern Italy and made a stop in Monaco at a playground… just to say we’ve been 😉

  • Oh, my. You make me feel homesick. I miss France ! Your pics are stunning. I come from the same region and miss the villages atmosphere so much.