Italian Vacay Recap: Instagram Edition

Italian Vacay Recap: Instagram Edition


We had planned and impatiently waited for the trip since last fall and just like that, it’s already over. Sad!

Last week I joined Dan and my in-laws on a week-long Italian getaway to the country’s most prized destinations: the Amalfi Coast and Rome. I took a break from blogging (my first one in 6 months!) and tucked into vacay mood quickly. Our trip was split with 4 days in the Positano, a ferry to Naples (by way of Capri!) and speedy 1 hr 15 min high-speed train to Rome for 4 more nights. The logistics of it all were a breeze and gave us ample time to explore both destinations and do a bit of relaxing. Oh yes, I took a zillion pictures (2,000+) so count on many posts to come, but during the trip I shared some of my favorites by way of Instagram. Typically I don’t post pictures in real-time simply because of the difficulty of getting them out of my DSLR into my phone but discovered that my Canon 70D has wi-fi capability and a Canon app that allows me to download the images directly from my camera to my phone – presto!  

Day 1: Saturday morning we woke up at Hotel Pupetto to a soft rain and chill in the air. We passed the time sleeping in and having a late lunch at a great pizza shop in town- Covo dei Saraceno. Around 4PM the sun finally poked its head out from the clouds and our afternoon was spent rejoicing over Positano‘s beauty.

Day 2: Our alarms set for 7:30AM, we were the first to the breakfast bar and promptly set off for a day of hiking stair climbing The Walk of the Gods. I;ll share the details and views later but it’s an abssssolute must if you’re in the area. Ohmylanta.

Day 3:  I woke up early again to catch the morning light on my own mini photo walk around the town. The remainder of the day it was nothing but sunshine and sea breezes so, naturally, I spent it on a beach chair… with a glass of prosecco. 


my plan for day 3 of my week in amalfi & rome: beachside in positano ☀️

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Day 4: Our day of transit, we hopped a 10AM ferry from Positano to Capri, spent a few hours touring the hilltop village of Anacapri then moved on to Naples via a second ferry. From there we caught a high-speed rail to Rome and in a jiffy found ourselves smack in the center of the chaos of Termini Station (considered the worst place in Europe for pick-pocketing!). Finding our Airbnb ended up being quite a doozy (we opted to stay near the Vatican) but eventually we settled in and opted for a low-key dinner of take-away grilled veggies and pasta and a bottle of wine.

Day 5: Instead of joining the group to visit the Vatican (I’d been previously), I set off solo to explore Rome with my camera. After stumbling upon Free Bike Tours Rome on TripAdvisor and spent the better part of the day exploring the city on two wheels with their chipper guide, Simone!


Day 6 & 7: Rome swept us up with a whirl and before I knew it I was packing my things to head home. Days 6 and 7 were spent exploring the city and taking a “Privileged Entrance” tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica before the crowds rushed in. I’d 1000% recommend our tour company, The Roman Guy, and guide, Nina, our visit was incredible!

Day 8: While Dan and his folks jetted off in the early hours (alarm clocks set to 4AM!) to Paris for more vacationing, I spent the day alone in Rome waiting for my 7PM flight back to Germany. After a reader (thank you, Elizabeth!) suggested I check out Eating Italy‘s daytime food tour of Trastevere, I immediately investigated and booked. I LOVE food tours and mine with Anna did not disappoint! 


I have soooo much to share from all our travels the past few months so stay tuned but right now you’ll have to pardon my lethargy while I lament in my post-vacation blues. 😉

P.S. This video absolutely cracked me up, watch if you need a laugh! “What am I?!” @ 2:02!