House of the Virgin Mary // Mount Koressos, Turkey

House of the Virgin Mary // Mount Koressos, Turkey


While in Turkey last year, Dan and I visited the beautiful little village of Sirince and apart from Vatican City, the most holy place I’ve ever been: the house of the Virgin Mary. As in, where the Virgin Mary actually resided so many years ago. The wrapping my head around the reality and history of such a place is dizzying and, rightfully so, a designated pilgrimage site as a Holy Place by Pope John XXIII. Interestingly, it wasn’t until Anne Catherine Emmerich, an Augustian German nun, had visions of the house in the early 19th century that it was discovered. Anne Catherine described the structure almost perfectly – from her home in Germany.

En route to Mary’s House we wound are away along the Aegean Sea and up through Solmissos Mountains. The road alone made for an amazing start to the day.

MarysHouse03 MarysHouse04 MarysHouse05 MarysHouse07

Entry to the house, which has now been converted to a small shrine.

MarysHouse08 MarysHouse09 MarysHouse10 MarysHouse11 MarysHouse12 MarysHouse14 MarysHouse15 MarysHouse16 MarysHouse17 MarysHouse13 MarysHouse18 MarysHouse19 MarysHouse20 MarysHouse21

The ‘wishing well’ outside the shrine with a bubbling mountain spring.

MarysHouse23 MarysHouse24

Located atop a mountain, the decent down Mount Koressos following a visit provides panoramic views for the Turkish countryside. We pulled off the road multiple times to take pictures – beautiful.

MarysHouse25 MarysHouse26 MarysHouse27 MarysHouse28Traveling to grow and gain perspective on the world around us is my favorite type of travel. As you plan your next trip, consider somewhere truly off the map, you’ll be happy you did.