Seaside Sleeping on the Amalfi Coast // Hotel Pupetto

Seaside Sleeping on the Amalfi Coast // Hotel Pupetto

Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-18

It was past 1AM when we arrived in Positano. Between our delayed Friday evening flight from Frankfurt to Naples, the pouring rain that welcomed us to Italy, and the long winding cab ride along the cliffs on the SS145 (named as one of Nat G’s most scenic drives) we were totally spent… and hungry (read: borderline hangry). 

The late-night attendant, Luigi, at Hotel Pupetto greeted us with a warm smile despite the hour.  It was silent in the hotel except for the sound of the rain outside and roll of the waves. With little optimism, I asked if there was anything for us to eat. Like magic, he promised a quick return and disappeared, but first advised us to settle into our rooms. He’d call for us shortly. We followed his instructions and expected something on par with a spread of bread rolls. Our two-bedroom room was clean and fuctional, minimally decorated with big windows opening out into the blackness, in the direction of the sea. While the rooms themselves were simple, the shower ended up being a winner with the group- a spacious rain shower with beautiful Italian tiles (my engineering-minded father-in-law later remarked how impressed he was with the tilework). 

Around 1:20AM Luigi buzzed our room and asked for us to come back down to the terrace. A bit bewildered (I was still betting on the bread basket) we were delighted to find that he’d set out a table for us with plates of caprese salad and wine. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We toasted, dove in and licked our plates clean. It was immediately clear, this was the perfect start to our Italian vacation. 

Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-1

I had initially reached out to Hotel Pupetto because of the price point and solid Trip Advisor reviews. While I could rave all day long about Positano, it’s certainly on the more expensive end in terms of travel budgets – especially when it comes to lodging. The reviews I’d read had mentioned a 10 minute walk from the center of Positano, which initially seemed unappealing. After our first trial of ‘the walk’ we quickly realized that this might be one of our favorite aspects of the hotel. ‘The walk’ (arguably deserving of a much more creative name) is actually a beachfront trail that winds along the rocky coastline, essentially connecting the tiny harbor inf front of Hotel Pupetto with the main harbor of Positano. The sweeping views of the dazzling bright blue sea and village are absolutely ridiculous, in fact I’d highly recommend adding this stroll to your to-do list when visiting Postiano 

Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-10 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-29Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-21Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-14Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-12 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-28Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-11Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-33Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-32Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-30 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-36

In the mornings we had our breakfast on the big covered terrace in front of the hotel. After a breakfast buffet was offered to hotel guests, the space turned over to a low-key brick oven pizza restaurant that ended up being handy for beachside lunches. Dan is a pizza monster, so if were up to him every hotel should be outfitted with a brick oven pizza.

Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-39 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-55Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-52Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-41 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-40

Alternatively, there was also a small beach café open during the day that offered a larger variety of Italian favorites, plus drinks. At the time I was on a champagne kick so I was pleased with my option of drinking bubbly in the sunshine. While our visit coincided with a mix of cooler weather and rain, the beach scene was picture perfect and would have undoubtedly made for a perfect beach vacation.

Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-62Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-61 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-51 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-60Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-50 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-49 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-48Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-46       Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-57 Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-45Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-42

While our room didn’t have a balcony, Hotel Pupetto did let me sneak into some of their other larger rooms to scope them out. After taking a look it’s probably better we didn’t have a balcony because I surely would have barricaded myself in there the entire trip – so beautiful, right?

Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-70Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-68Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-66Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-64Hotel Pupetto - Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-54

All and all: Yep, I’d totally recommend Hotel Pupetto for anyone visiting the Amalfi Coast. Perfect location, nice facilities, reasonable prices and fantastic staff! Enjoy!

Hotel Pupetto offered me a reduced rate in exchange for this review. Per usual, I only feature experiences, tours and hotels that I would suggest to my nearest and dearest. Hotel Pupetto is one of them.     

  • Gorgeous! The hotel and the views are just stunning. The Amalfi Coast must be an incredible place to visit! Hope you enjoyed. With love,
    Vera (The Flash Window)–12782683 (Bloglovin)

    • thanks, Vera! Yes, we were SO lucky to visit Positano and stay at this hotel. It really was wonderful! 🙂

  • Sharifah Syed yasin

    omg this is heaven on earth!

  • Ally

    Looks a bit like paradise to me:) Your photography is amazing!! Such a lovely post.x

    • thanks for the sweet comment about my pictures, Ally! it was easy in such a beautiful place! 😀

      • Ally

        You’re very welcome they honestly are stunning:)x

  • Positano looks heavenly!! The views of the ocean are so incredible!

    • …and it is! Positano has to be one of my favorite places ever. It’s SO beautiful and as you noted, the view of the water from the hotel was crazy! 🙂

  • Mar

    Gorgeous photos! We visited the Amalfi Coast 2 weeks ago, and stayed in Praiano. I love to hear where others stay and their thoughts on the Amalfi Coast. Such a beautiful place.

    • maybe we should hold a blogger summit on the Amalfi Coast? I feel like that’d be REALLY fun. ;D

      • Mar

        Oh yes it would be!

  • Stunning!!

  • Beach-side lunches, yes please! Amalfi Coast looks like a dream!

    • tell your hubs that I think you guys should totally go there as soon as possible… then let me come with y’all! 😀 sound good? ha

  • Absolutely stunning photos! I’d have to agree twas probably a blessing that you didn’t have a balcony… Too beautiful to leave.


    • ha, agreed. somehow I’d hide behind the drapes when they thought I’d left and then I’d just keep trying to live there as long as possible until I got caught… or something like that. yes, good thing there wasn’t a balcony indeed. ;D

  • My oh my! You’ve just made me bump Positano at the number one spot of my bucket list. The “walk” sure sound like an amazing one!

  • So beautiful! I love Italy and really didn’t do enough of the Amalfi Coast on our trip to Sorrento two years ago… next time!

    • yes, exactly – next time for sure! at least you saw Sorrento, that’s definitely a dreamy place too! 😀

  • What a beautiful place! That “walk” seems lovely 🙂

    • thanks gal! also, thank you for going along with my phrase “the walk” – ha! i say, you hop a plane over there… take ‘the walk’ then come up with a new, better name for it. deal? 😀

  • Absolutely stunning. I’ve been to Italy a few times but never the Amalfi coast, it’s now very high on my wishlist!

    Danielle |

    • perfect! the good news is that it’s fairly close to Naples so flights aren’t so bad, the bad news is that eventually you have to leave. 😉

  • This is just amazing Margo! Great job on selecting a lovely hotel– I can see why Positano is a much-coveted destination. Your photos are gorgeous!!

    • thanks so much, Daisy! also – as you’ve probably noticed, I finally have down time and good internet so I’m catching up with a bunch of comments. thanks for ALL your support and kind words about my posts, it really means so much to me! 🙂

  • Shelby

    what a dream!!!! this truly looks spectacular, and what a wonderful experience!

  • Isn’t the coastline just beautiful! I love your breakfast and eating spots on the beach.
    Claire xx

  • We just got back from a cruise with a couple stops in Italy, and honestly I wasn’t too keen on it – particularly Rome. But I absolutely love the look of the more seaside towns like Positano and even Lake Garda so I think I’ll have to give it another try! It looks absolutely beautiful and such a different atmosphere to the crazy cities!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • I could not agree with you more! Seriously. I honestly am not head over heels for Rome or Naples but places like Positano are what totally sell me on why Italy is so embraced by travelers. It’s nothing short of dreamy!

  • EXCUSE ME!!! I’m stealing the navy anchor dress from you. How DARE YOU keep it from me!!! 😉 haha but actually, where did you get it?!

  • Becki

    My mom & I stayed at Buca di Bacco, but Hotel Pupetto looks wonderful too…I wish I had known it existed. I love the beachfront bar area. Also, that dress is absolutely adorable. 🙂

    • I did see Buca di Bacco when we were there – it’s beautiful too! I’m glad you like my dress- funny story, when I bought it during a Lily sale Dan was like “aren’t Lily dresses supposed to be bright and colorful?” I was shocked. I didn’t even realize he knew who/what Lily was! ha

  • Positano was on my itinerary wishlist, but alas we chose Capri for a day trip from Naples instead. But that’s perfectly okay… makes the perfect excuse for another visit, and stat!!!

  • Love the Amalficoast I’ve been there once but only had one day to explore. Should go back to see more of it!

  • Jenna at Boston Chic Party

    Oh my gosh- these pictures are totally transporting me back to our honeymoon. We stayed in Positano for a week (at Hotel Poseidon which I would highly recommend!), but we went to Spiaggia Fornillo and the walk there was definitely one of the best parts! Thanks for taking me back 🙂

  • I’m seriously dreaming of the Amalfi coast, this looks heavenly!

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  • Looks absolutely gorgeous!! I’ve been wanting to go to the Amalfi Coast! 🙂 We’re def due for another Italy trip.

  • Lyana

    Stunning views…the Almalfi Coast is a gem

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  • These photos are so lovely! I’ll be traveling to Italy in October with my husband and a part of the trip will be spent in Positano. Your post definitely has me looking forward to it! Love the photo of you eating on the beach! So cute!

    Finding a place to stay was so troubling due to reviewers talking about extensive walking to and from the hotels. Eventually, I just told myself there will be walking no matter where you stay – and honestly, after seeing your photos, who wouldn’t want to walk to see those views??

    We’ll be staying at the Hotel Vittoria – can’t wait!

  • Margie Longano Miklas

    Margo, This is a fabulous post. I recently stayed at the wonderful Hotel Pupetto and loved it as much as you did! Your photos are fantastic! Great job!

  • Beautiful! We really want to visit the Amalfi coasts. Last time we were in Italy we did get to visit Cinque Terre which is beautiful as well!