Heidelberg in Bloom

Heidelberg in Bloom

Heidelberg Germany-14

Heidelberg knows I’m leaving.

Lately I’ve spent my evenings wandering the city in search of wisteria, taking naps in the sunshine on the Neckarwiesen (park along the riverbank not far from my apartment), toasting at weekend wine festivals and joining Dan on bike rides to nearby villages. The air is filled with fragrance and puffy dandelion seeds. Absolutely everything is in bloom. Our days in Europe may be dwindling but one thing is certain, I’ve savoring my time in one of the prettiest places in Europe, my hometown.

Recently I was moved by a quote, I’m not the philosophical type, but this one is lingering: “She believed she could so she did.” I interpret this as that sometimes the path we’re supposed to take may not be the one that we want. Goodness knows we’re all supposed to do so many things – buy apartments, eat organic, settle down (whatever that means). Over the past month Dan and I have had to dig deep to recognize what we really wanted for our future. Omitting protocol for people in their late 20’s, we talked at length about what we COULD do if we tried hard enough. With our decision, I’ve found an unbelievable peace and excitement for the road ahead.

If there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s that sometimes you have to challenge yourself to follow your heart because it’s not always easy or practical. If you dream of when it could happen, I think the real question is deciding when you will make it happen.

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Cheers to Heidelberg AND to following the paths we really want!

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