Race Day // Heidelberg Half Marathon

Race Day // Heidelberg Half Marathon

Heidelberg, Germany

My feet were tingling while I stretched my quads anxiously. Around us loud German drinking songs filled the air and the announcer presumably called for the Weiss (White) Category runners to make their way to the starting point. A siren blared and onlookers cheered. The slow river of shoulders carried me to towards the towards the course while my feet two-stepped nervously. 

Heidelberg Half Marathon

Then we were off.

Heidelberg Half Marathon Runners Up Hill(Credit: Florian Freundt)

Hours passed along with 14.1 miles of pavement and cobbled stone through Heidelberg’s Old Town and surrounding forest. Two steep climbs (totaling 300m in elevation gain), at least 8 slices of banana, 2 shock blocks, 1 amazing slice of pineapple, 3 gummy bears and 2 captivating TED podcasts and I was 10 minutes from the finish line!

And here’s the thing, at time my mind fully lost in thought about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I’m such a nerd, I know!

(Seriously: If you’ve ever hated the boredom of running, I’ve got a secret for you – it’s called podcasts. If you find good ones like Serial, This American Life or TED you’ll quickly find yourself deep in thought as your feet move below you.)

Heidelberg Half Marathon Runners(Credit: Florian Freundt)

With a steep downhill in the way between me and the finish line, I did what any logical gal would do- I turned on TSwift. As the course leveled out in the Old Town, crowds built around the barricades of the final kilometer. Pretending that my legs weren’t complete jello, I picked up my speed and bolted towards the end. (All credit for this last bit of adrenaline to Taylor, of course.) 

Passing under the ‘FINISH LINE’ banner with all the drama I could muster, I weaseled my way through the crowd towards the water cups and bananas. Armed with sweat, I eventually found a quite place on the cobbled stone and pretended to stretch my IT bands while I laid there, sprawled out, for a solid 10 minutes. 

Heidelberg Half Marathon

Eventually I collected myself and found my equally, if not more, sweaty hubby and a friend who’d come to celebrate our finish.

As is the case on any sunny day, we promptly headed to a beer garden in search of beers and burgers. This is Germany after all! Today I found out that I finished 2:16 which I’m totally satisfied with, given the terrain. I honestly wasn’t sure I’d make it but I’d surprised myself.

I did it! 

Heidelberg Half Marathon

When have you surprised yourself with an accomplishment?

Heidelberg Half Marathon Route(Cover Image Credit)