Heidelberg After Dark & Our (BIG) Decision

Heidelberg After Dark & Our (BIG) Decision

Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-14

The temperature gauge flashed 34C (93F) on my way to work this morning while hot air blew from the vents. Heidelberg does cobble stone and christmas markets well, heatwaves though, not so much! It’s been absolutely boiling in Heidelberg this summer with temperatures in the 90s more often than not. Dan and I have been going to the local pool frequently and trying in vain to find the cold spots in the deep end. There’s literally no reprieve with the lack of air conditioning at my gym, office or apartment. In desperation, I googled ‘how to stay cool without air conditioning’ and the only resolution that seems to work is to channel my inner Cleopatra and drape washcloths all over myself in front of our one precious fan. (This is really what the Egyptians did!) With my abnormal disdain for the sun, all my pictures of the city recently have been from the evening, where we all huddle around the Neckar river and cross our fingers for a breeze. Of course, the city is still beautiful under the lingering humidity, and especially dazzling during the big firework show that happens 3 times each summer. 

Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-33

The heat combined with our repatriation to-do list (like trying to sell everything with a funny plug) has been, to say the least, consuming. But, to come totally clean, it’s been a looming life decision that has occupied my thoughts most. After weeks of procrastinating, Dan and I finally sealed the deal this afternoon and bought our tickets… 

Instead of going back to the US and starting jobs right away, we’re going to go backpacking in Southeast Asia for two months! After returning to DC for a few weeks we’re going to stuff our lives in a few book bags and head off to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia with plans to return in mid-October, just in time for our friends‘ wedding!  

As a career-oriented ENTJ married to a career-oriented consultant, this kind of long-term travel break took a lot of thought and consideration. It totally goes against the DC mindset that was ingrained in us for so long. After living here in Europe though, we realized that jetting off to somewhere beautiful and exciting for more than a week is in no way irresponsible. More than anything, as adults we deserve a few weeks of relaxation or adventure every once in awhile. So that’s what we’re going to do – just go, because we want to. I swear, when I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in DC 3 years ago, I never dreamed that a trip like this would ever be in the cards for me. I’m not going to shower you with quotes about YOLOing but I will say, doing something out of the ordinary (whether it be backpacking for 2 months or pitching a tent and going camping in your backyard) is what makes life interesting and memorable. And looking back years from now on today, that’s all that we can hope for, right?

Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-30Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-34 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-31 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-29 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-15 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-13 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-12 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-9 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-8 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-6 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-2 Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-11Heidelberg, Germany - The Overseas Escape-1PS. If you’ve got any must-do’s for SEAsia please pass them along!