Heidelberg Autumn Festival

Heidelberg Autumn Festival


After wine, macaroni and cheese, and Modern Family, festivals are one of my absolute favorite things. I love the bustle of vendors, great eats and festive spirit – throw in an absent open-container law and I’m all set. A few weekends ago, Dan and I were delighted when we found out about Heidelberg’s annual autumn festival. I envisioned pumpkins galore and hard apple cider. Unfortunately, said festival ended up being more of a back-to-school shopping extravaganza. As we made our way to the Hauptstrasse, we found ourselves suddenly pinned, motionless, along with other festival goers. As we finally squished past the pileup we noticed that nearly all the stores had tables outside with sale merchandise – not exactly the charming spectacle I had envisioned. Alas – we are in Germany after all – we found ourselves beer, brats, and space at table in one of the main squares. The music ended up being great (surprisingly) and we enjoyed the evening.

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(feeling claustrophobic…)

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Flamkuchen (the German version of pizza) fresh from the oven and a liter of beer from the Vetter brewery made for the perfect dinner.