Spring in Heidelberg & A Reader Challenge

Spring in Heidelberg & A Reader Challenge


Life around Heidelberg been pretty well-defined by change.  Spring seemed to arrive moments after sharing my big news via Vlog a few weeks ago, bringing all it’s blossomy fragrant glory with it. The city is full swing as all of us locals now regularly flock to the Neckarweise (green park along the Neckar river) to bask in the sunshine. Chilly days have still been sprinkled into each week, giving us all a gentle reminder to appreciate the turning of the seasons.

While Dan and Stuart are setting up shop back in the US, for the first time ever I’ve been living 100% solo without anyone to look after but myself. Without a hubby to chat with or pup to walk, and maybe chat with too, I had anticipated that these days would pass painfully slowly. The result has been quite the opposite – I’ve been watching TV (making my way through Season 2 of House of Cards… of my GOSH), running (the Heidelberg half marathon is in 2 weeks!), and cooking fairly lousy dinners, too lazy to go to the grocery store or follow a recipe. Not exactly the productive-Margo I would have expected but c’est le vie! 


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Now, what’s this about a challenge?

Here’s the deal: I’ve hired a ridiculously amazing graphic designer to create a modified logo that will really give this space a fun but professional touch. Farewell brush lettering ‘Escape’!

As I mentioned in my vlog, I’m kicking around the idea of changing the blog name to something that will work after our relocation back to the US. While ‘Overseas’ still applies for lots of folks, it won’t for US readers (the largest percentage). Would that drive you nuts? I’m thinking it might drive me nuts, but I am still on the fence.

So, here’s the deal:

In exchange for a guest post, feature on my Instagram account, one month on my sidebarcash for a cup of coffee, the naming rights for my first-born and endless praise/worship, throw out your suggestions for a new name for this space in the comments below, I’ll pick my favs and may even bring it to a vote for a winner!

Here are some options thus far, feel free to provide as much feedback as you’ve got!

  • Leave it alone! Whatever you do, don’t change it. You don’t need to!
  • Margo & Tell – playing on “go and tell” within the name and the underlying theme of the blog, going to a place and telling about it!
  • Margo Blue – as odd as it sounds, this name speaks to me and always has
  • Margo & Co – nice and clean, easy to understand and remember
  • Escape & Margo – consistency with the current name submitted by Team Starnes
  • Margo on the Map – submitted by Lady Relocated

The deadline: April 20, 2015. Let’s go!