Google Flights 101: 7 Time-Saving & Powerful Travel Planning Tools

Google Flights 101: 7 Time-Saving & Powerful Travel Planning Tools

Google Flights 101 - The Overseas Escape
We all rely heavily on the good ole Google search for our everyday activities, but did you realize that Google is a time-saving and powerful tool for travel planning? Following recent updates, here’s how to take advantage of Google Flights when planning your next trip.

Start here:

1 | Open-Ended Destination Search Capability:

Seeking a quick getaway to anywhere, navigate to and leave the destination field empty. This will provide a list of various flights worldwide based on your timeframe. For this example I’ll leave the destination field blank.

Open-Ended Search - Google Flights 101

2 | Vague Destination Search Capability:

If I want to narrow the search to a specific country, content or region (for example: New England), this is easy. Instead of leaving the search field blank, I’ll input Europe as the destination.

Vague Destination Search - Google Flights 101

3 | Multiple Departure Point Search Capability:

Since I live in a small town (Charlottesville, Virginia) it’s often more cost-effective to drive to nearby Washington DC. By inputting multiple airport codes (DCA: Washington Regean, IAD: Washington Dulles, CHO: Charlottesville) I can then open my search to review all flights departing from multiple airports to Europe. For this example I input: CHO, IAD, DCA.

Multiple Departure Point Search - Google Flights 101

>> Note: The same logic works for identifying multiple destination fields, for example I could input that I want to go from: CHO, IAD, DCA to: LON, ROM, PAR.

4 | Open-Ended Date Search Capability:

Alternatively, if my heart is set on Italy (as is always the case) but my time is flexible, I can opt to instead choose to search by a month and timeframe. For this example I choose: May & 1 Week.

Open-Ended Date Search - Google Flights 101

5 | Open-Ended Interest Search Capability:

Finally, Google provides intelligent insight into choosing the Destinations themselves. Travelers can choose from Google’s predefined Interest list to determine which appeals to them most. For this example I choose: Food.

Open-Ended Interest Search - Google Flights 101

6 | Real-Time Flight Information:

Clicking on the destination of choice provides real-time flight information including length, airline and price. For this I clicked on Paris from the search results above.
Real-Time Flight Information - Google Flights 101

 7 | Duration Limited Search Capability

To avoid seeing those extra-long haul flights with multiple layovers that you wouldn’t consider (no matter the price!) choose the More dropdown and toggle the duration field.

Duration Limited Search


What other tools do you LOVE using for your travel planning that save you time and money? Please share below!