German Wine Walk // Life Lately

German Wine Walk // Life Lately


It’s been a bit since my last catchup post, hasn’t it? I’ve had an eventful week and I’m excited to bring you guys in the loop on life lately in my neck of Germany.

Dan turned 30 this week! Yes, I know, that seems SO old, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in his 26th at an open-bar showdown in DC. This birthday was celebrated a bit differently. Last week I emailed lots of buddies back in the US and secretly collected “Cheers to Dan” messages. On his birthday, we headed to the bar down the street and I surprised him with everyone’s cheers, each time making him take a sip of his beer. I think he loved it and it was so fun to hear some of the crazy stories. A few favorites were “Cheers to dressing in your finest suit but not wearing shoes…” and “Cheers to that time we had a pizza fight with those still standing on the last night of your bachelor party…” (??). If you’re confused, so was I! My dear hubby can be a wild one in my absence. Afterwards we joined some buddies for dinner at an amazing Indian restaurant called Mogul near our apartment.

I can’t stop teaching Stuart new tricks! I seriously dedicate almost an hour every night to practicing with Stuart. Does that make me a crazy dog lady? It’s just so fun to see him learn new things so quickly. This week we conquered a cool high five, the classic roll over and an army crawl. 

Hats off to Kaelene of Unlocking Kiki. My blogger buddy made the Bloglovin weekly email with this great post! Way to go, dear!

Recently, I’ve helped out a few blogger friends with technical issues with their blogs. I actually really enjoy it and like solving HTML puzzles. If you have any issues, just shoot me an email, k? Anything for my dear readers! theoverseasescape [at] gmail [dot] com

Have any tips on Dublin?! Dan and I are heading there next weekend to ring in Saint Paddy’s day! All I know is that we’re going to try and make it to the Guinness factory and that I should probably be prepared to join hoards of other tourists. Nonetheless, I’m excited! Call me, Marg O’Paige. (Alright, I’ll stop now.)

Last night we did the coolest thing, an evening wine walk through the vineyards. We started in the idyllic little town of Bad Durkheim, then strolled for 6K through the vineyards in the surrounding countryside. For 20 euro per person, there were 13 stops along the route, each offering generous pours of local wines. Vendors also sold every type of sausage possible, gnocchi, roasted pork, salmon with honey mustard and dill, and so on. So we didn’t just drink a lot, we ate a lot too. The best part, the whole event started at dusk then after the sun set a huge light show ensued with lasers beaming across the vineyards and batman-style lights bursting skyward. It was pretty wild and so much fun. Why don’t we have these kind of events in the US?

Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-1 Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-2 Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-7Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-3 Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-6 Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-5Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-8 Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-9 Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-10Wine_Walk_BadDurkheim-1-2

Happy Sunday, friends!