For the Love of Italian Cuisine // Eating Italy Rome Food Tour

For the Love of Italian Cuisine // Eating Italy Rome Food Tour

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There’s no question, when we think of Italy, we think of food. Delicious, gluttonous servings of pasta, pizza and wine. Italian cuisine is perhaps the most adored worldwide. Every hometown has it’s own brick-oven dive and family marinara recipes aren’t just appreciated, they’re cherished. Nothing is more enjoyable then plowing fork-first into spiraling pile of spaghetti.

And the king of the Italian eats? In my book, Rome. 

During my visit to the ancient city taking a food tour was a priority alongside exploring the Pantheon. While I did find a number of fantastic local dives (thank you, TripAdvisor) I was curious about today’s Roman cuisine as well as the dishes the grandmas were still cooking. Most importantly, I wanted to taste them. To help me, I turned to Eating Italy Food Tours in Rome and joined their daytime tour in Trastevere.

While I won’t recount each and every bite – there were quite honestly too many remember! – the mix of sweet, savory, peppery, buttery, and fresh ingredients ultimately made for a progressive 4 hour meal that I, nor my thighs, won’t soon forget.

Our guide, Anna, took us on a route through back alleys, across piazzas and into local grocers. We sampled street fare like suppli, a fried risotto ball, from a locally celebrated suppli shop along with melon and prosciutto, quite literally market-fresh, dispersed by a fruit vendor and nearby butcher. As Anna shared childhood photos of the fruit vendor it was apparent that this food tour was more than about eating, but learning about the culture and community behind each delicious bite. Authentic gelato (stracciatella & lemon for me!), fresh cheeses, tiramisu, pastries and even a stop at a famous cookie shop. It seemed that every vendor in Trastevere had their own remarkable culinary history.

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While the mood of the group was at times fairly quiet (more than likely due to the combo of heat and calories) our energy lifted when we were escorted into private seating at Osteria Der Belli. White tableclothed dining, generous pours of wine, I’m still dreaming about the cacio e pepe pasta, fresh Romano cheese with grated pepper. So simple and darn delicious. 

Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-21 Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-19Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-20Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-18

Our afternoon ended in a dusty wine cellar dating back to pre-Colesseum era, which I had a hard time wrapping my head around. (I blame this on my upbringing in the US in which history, to me, starts in the 1700s.) By the end of the tour I realized that I also truly have an insatiable Italian appetite. I stuffed down one last sample of original crème brûlée and was totally ready for a nap. Throughout the tour the food may have held my stomach’s attention but simply walking the neighborhood of Trastevere with Anna was just as enjoyable. After the tour I retraced our route, taking more pictures as I went – from the cobbled streets to the pastels of the buildings, I couldn’t get enough.

Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-35Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-40Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-33Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-29Eating Italy in Rome - The Overseas Escape-25

I’ve done a lot of food tours but I gotta hand it to Eating Italy, they were definitely the most organized. Every stop was well planned, Anna warmly greeted each employee by name and samples were quickly distributed. I also loved the map we were provided at the start to help us stay oriented along the way. Kudos to Anna and the team for a great afternoon!

P.S. Slightly unrelated but have you seen these Italian phrases about food? A little wine kicks the doctor out the door, am I right? 

Eating Italy in Rome offered me a complimentary tour in exchange for this review. Per usual, I only share properties, tours and restaurants that I’d recommend to my nearest and dearest and only disclose my honest opinion. Instead of wasting my time (and yours) on negative reviews I simply do not share them on this space.
  • A little wine kicks the doctor out the door is my new favorite phrase! This makes me ache to get back to Rome… It’s been too long! xx

  • Jessy Ferreira

    This was such a great post! 🙂 the food looks amazing (it really does!) you took some beautiful pictures too!!
    I have never been to Italy before but it’s definitely on my list 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

    • thanks, Jessy! as ridiculous as it sounds, food photography is really challenging – for me at least! so I appreciate the kind words! 🙂

      LOVE your blog name! definitely makes me smile! 😀

  • Mar

    I LOVED all of the little back alley restaurants in Rome. It was hard to decide which one to stop at!

    • seriously! although it’s a classic first world problem, there’s way too many adorable little street cafes in Rome. how’s a visitor ever supposed to decide? 😉

  • This sounds so amazing! Definitely something I’d look into doing whenever I get to Italy!

    • not that I’m biased for anything but YES you should definitely take this tour on your next visit to Rome… feel free to send me your leftovers too! 😉

  • Margo! Be still my heart. You have taken me right back to my dreamy days in Rome! How I miss it so. All of the back alley shots with the lined tables and lovers romantically gazing at each other…. You’ve nailed this one!

    • thanks so much, my dear! i also must say, this might be the most poetic comment i’ve ever received. “be still my heart” how cute are you?! xo

  • Ahhh how much I regret not taking this tour when we were in Rome!!!

  • This makes me miss Italy! I had the best gnocchi of my life in Rome! The food is so amazing and you’ve definitely captured it well. Thanks for posting!
    This Rainy Life

    • thanks so much, ladies! crazy how Rome is chalk-full of “the best ___ of my life” ‘s! glad you gals enjoyed your visit!

  • So beautiful! This images are stunning, and so is Italy -and its food. Love the pasta and their meat and everything. I hope you had fun! with love,
    Vera (The Flash Window)–12782683 (Bloglovin)

  • I had a chance to go on this tour a couple of years ago, and had a fabulous time. I learned quite a bit about the history and food culture of Trastevere and still crave those delicious supplis often. Glad to see that they’re still doing amazing tours.

    • yes, they sure are! they’re actually really highly rated on TripAdvisor as well so they’re definitely doing something right! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your tour as well! 🙂

  • I’ve been to Rome twice and even without a food tour, I ate some of the most amazing food there! Reading this article made me so hungry too, haha.

    • you sound like a great person to travel with! are you a foodie? I wish I was but I think I lack the palette..things are either just plain good or bad to me, though I’m never exactly why. not sure if that makes sense!

  • Becki

    Glad to read this positive review since this company is the one I want to sign up with the next time I’m in Rome. I am a sucker for food tours and love learning about the history of a place and meeting other tour members, and, of course, the food! 🙂 I still regret not getting to the Trastevere neighborhood on my first visit with my mom, so the tour you took sounds perfect! (Not sure if you’ll be able to watch the big game on Monday, but Go Hokies!!)

    • Oh, yay! You’re a hokie too?! Unfortunately I missed the game but would have LOVED to been tailgating instead of waiting in an airport in Malaysia! ;D

      • Becki

        I am a Hokie alum…graduated in 2000. Probably better you didn’t get to watch the OSU game…it was a heartbreaker!!

        • Ehh, poor Hokies. I really need to get back to Blacksburg though – I’ve heard the campus has changed a ton since I graduated. I’m dying to see!

  • Recognizing a few of those from our Trastevere hood 🙂 Looks like a fantastic tour! The food there was just so amazing….now I’m hungry!

    • ohh, you’re so smart to have stayed there! we were near Vatican City in a rather un-charming area. next time! 😉

  • Oh my gosh! This looks absolutely amazing! I wish I’d have known about this before our trip there a couple months back. Italian food is my absolute favourite and what an amazing way to experience both rome and the amazing food there!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • well, if anything, it’s a reason to go back – right? 😀 I’m sure you still enjoyed your visit to Rome nonetheless!

  • This looks like such a great food tour…definitely bookmarking it! Also, how adorable is that first picture of the couple kissing?! xo

    • ha, what you’re saying is- I’m such a creeper for taking that picture, aren’t I? hopefully they’re a real couple not some sketchy Ashley Madison relationship.

  • Brandy

    Thanks for the review! This is perfect timing for me as I’m going to be in Rome next month and I was actually looking at taking this exact tour (except I was thinking of doing the evening one instead). I can’t get over how charming Trastevere is!

    • oh awesome! yes, I definitely think you should go on this tour during your visit. as you noted, they also have an evening tour that would probably be more fun since you can justify kicking up the wine tasting! 😉

  • I love your potos.. they literally scream ‘Italy’. The food looks great, however – isn’t Italian food always the best?

    • ha, what a fair question. Yes, I think I have to confess, there’s no wrong what to photograph Italian food. It’s always insanely good – homemade, from a street vendor, whatever. 😉

  • We’re trying to plan a family vacation for 2016 and Rome is a possibility. We might have to do this tour if we go!

    • Oh, fun! This was part of my family vacation with Dan’s folks and I can attest it was a good destination for all of us – Dan’s parents really enjoyed touring the churches while Dan and I busied ourselves eating, ha!

  • I wish I could dive into that gelato right now!! It looks like an amazing little tour – and what a dreamy picturesque little town! LOVE the photos!!

    • thanks, my dear! to be fair, there’s a lot of Rome that I found to be overly touristy – like all the streets around the Trevi fountains, etc. but this neighborhood of Trastevere was a little Italian dream. I’m so glad this tour brought me over there otherwise I’m sure I would’ve left Rome with a very different impression.

  • ammauceri

    Thank you so much for the tour advice, and for your lovely blog! I love reading it. We have been eyeing this tour for an upcoming trip. Do you think a vegetarian would enjoy it?

    • Hi dear, thanks for the kind words about my blog! Yes, I do think that the tour could definitely accommodate for vegetarians. Granted, many famous Italian dishes do have meat but risotto, gelato, wine there’s a long list of those that don’t! Enjoy! 🙂

  • Eating your way around Rome is the best way to experience the city! I’m off to Rome in a few weeks and will be signing up for this tour!

  • Your photos for this post are gorgeous! I wish I would have known about this when I went to Rome! I was able to find some amazing food on my own though. My favorites were melon and prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and prosciutto sandwiches, and gelato of course! But then next time I visit (which I will because I threw a coin in the Trevvi Fountain) I will definitely be signing up!

    Did you love the Pantheon?! When I was in Rome it was when I was in school for architecture and it was so amazing to see all of the buildings I had been learning about in my classes! That was the building I was looking forward to the most and it was breathtaking!