The Big Bad Europe Bucket List

The Big Bad Europe Bucket List

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - Top 50 Experiences

A quick rundown on the Top 50 experiences that should be on everyone’s Europe bucket list!

1 | Sail the Croatian coast starting in Dubrovnik, Croatia
2 | Take a sunrise kayak on Lake Killarney in Killarney, Ireland

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape

3 | Explore the lush Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia
4 | Rent a boat in Hallstatt, Austria
5 | Wine taste in the Douro Valley in Portugal
6 | Sunbath on the French Riviera in Menton, France

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape3

7 | Hike between the villages in Cinque Terre, Italy
8 | Trek the Scottish Highlands starting from Inverness, Scotland
9 | Take a cooking class in Tuscany, Italy
10 | Eat fresh mussels in Brittany, France
11 | Walk the halls of the Vatican in Vatican City

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape5

12 | Take a cruise on Lake Bled, Slovenia
13 | Photograph Burano Island, Italy
14 | Hike Preikestolen in Norway
15 | Cruise on the Danube in Budapest, Hungary at night
16 | Go sledding in the Black Forest in Hinterzarten, Germany

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape10

17 | Trek along the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
18 | Listen to fado with the locals in Lisbon, Portugal

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape13

19 | Drink Burgundy in Burgundy, Champagne in Champagne and Bordeaux in Bordeaux (France)
20 | Picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France
21 | Walk through the endless rolling fields of tulips in Holland in Flevoland, Netherlands
22 | Descend the initiation well in Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal
23 | Go on a tapas and sangria crawl in Barcelona, Spain

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape11

24 | Take a cruise through Geiranger Fjord in Norway
25 | Kayak on dreamy Lake Como, Italy
26 | Hike the peaks of the Amalfi Coast in Positano, Italy

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape6

27 | Soak in a thermal spa in Budapest, Hungary
28 | Buy local handicrafts at the Saturday Market in Prague, Czech Republic
29 | Eat Pierre Hermes Macaroons in Paris, France
30 | Try your luck gambling at Monte Carlo in Monaco

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape4

31 | Prost at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
32 | Boat the canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands
33 | Explore the Alhambra in Granada, Spain
34 | Drink beer with the hipsters in an old train station in Berlin, Germany
35 | Walk the valley of 77 waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape7

36 | Visit the Christmas Markets in Strasbourg, France
37 | Photograph Cinderella’s Castle in Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
38 | Listen to the Vienna Boys Choir in Vienna, Austria
39 | Wander the canaled village of Annecy, France
40 | Brunch on the Reuss River in Lucerne, Switzerland

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape8

41 | Enjoy a bottle of wine at dusk at the Sacre Coeur, Paris, France
42 | Witness the Tour de France
43 | Channel my inner-viking at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden
44 | Have a glass of Guinness at the factory in Dublin, Ireland
45 | Bike the wine route in Alsace starting in Colmar, France
46 | Get custom leather shoes in Florence, Italy
47 | Splurge for a night at a Parador in Spain (What? lux hotels in former castles, palaces, convents and monasteries all over Spain – read more here)
48 | Hear the toll of Big Ben in London, England

Big Bad Europe Bucket List - The Overseas Escape12

49 | Chug on the Bernina Express from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Switzerland
50 | Marvel at the sunset in Oia, Santorini, Greece

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  • What a great list! It’s definitely given me plenty of places to add to my list.
    At the top of my list is vacationing along the French Riviera!

    • Margo

      Yes, the French Riviera is such a winner! My absolutely favorite spot there is Villefranche-sur-Mer, it’s absolutely dreamy.

  • I don’t really have a bucket list per se, but I do keep a (deliberately!) short list of places/countries/cities that I hope to visit within the next couple of years! I really want to visit the Amalfi Coast, go hiking in Ireland and visit the Greek Islands, but if I’m completely honest, I obviously want to see basically all of Europe at some point! 😉 By the way, I LOVE your new style of graphics! 🙂

    • Margo

      I KNEW you kept a little mental list, girl! I have full confidence that you’ll knock off that mental bucket list sooner than you may realize! miss you! xo

  • Ummm this is an amazing list!

    These are on my list too:
    Wine taste in the Douro Valley in Portugal
    Hike between the villages in Cinque Terre, Italy
    Try your luck gambling at Monte Carlo in Monaco
    Witness the Tour de France

    So much to see and do :)! Let me know when you’re in town to check the Barcelona tapas and sangria tour off your list!

    • Margo

      Liz, thanks for the offer – I’ll totally take you up on that next time I head to BCN! In the interim please feel free to gorge on patatas bravas for me! ;D

  • This is a great list, many of which I’ve been lucky enough to experience – still have lots left though 🙂 Happy to see Norway on the list too! The fjords truly are beautiful, but I must admit I prefer the UNESCO World Heritage Nærøyfjord (in the Sognefjord) to Geiranger 🙂


    • Margo

      Norway is totally a gleaming mystery for me so, it’s good to know about Nærøyfjord versus Geiranger. As soon as I can get up there I absolutely will. So little time, right? ;D

  • Awe I love me a good bucket list! Hoping to do a tapas and sangria crawl in Barcelona this Spring! I’ve been looking at tickets every day this week lol.

    • Margo

      ha! well I’ll do my best to channel vibes for super cheap ticket deals for ya! xo

  • Absolutely yes to this entire list, especially Dubrovnik (my favorite place ever) and walking along the bay in Kotor.

    • Margo

      It’s incredible (though not surprising) how many folks have Croatia on their bucket lists. I really think it’s the next big destination and like everyone else, I’m dying to go! Lucky you for getting to see it!

  • Dayumm, this is awesome!

    • Margo

      ha, thanks girlfriend! which is your fav?!

  • emi

    This is amazing!! I especially love is because ever since our backpacking this summer I’ve been keeping a running European bucket list that I’m posting soon! Fun to compare yours!!

    • Margo

      Oh yay, I’ll definitely check out yours as soon as you post it! I love comparing this type of thing too! xo

  • Thanks for making this…I needed someone to write down the thoughts in my head! 😛

    These pictures are beautiful (though, I’m not surprised…it’s you!) and I love love love this list. So, for #21, you book the flight and let’s do it!!

    • Margo

      GIRL, as soon as I possibly can, I’d LOVE to go see those tulips with you guys! I think peak color is mid-May. (praying/crossing fingers/begging dan for money)

      • Mid-April is best! By May they are all picked…you know how much they love to buy their tulips around there! Maybe next year : )

  • Okay I am about to steal these! Sailing around the coast of Croatia is way up on mine too!

    xo Mary-Katherine |

    • Margo

      Welp, we’ve got blogger retreat #2 in the works then right: Croatian cruise along the Dalmatian coast. Can’t wait! ;D

  • Photographing Cinderella’s Castle would be amazing! Oh oh oh and do you think that George Clooney would want to kayak with us on Lake Como?

    • Margo

      Ha, I hear that George is an incredible tour guide! Amal will bring the champs too! ;D

  • Love this bucket list! Glad to say that I’ve managed to do a fair few of these! I’m lusting over Croatia at the moment, so glad to see that a few Croatia activities made the list!

    • Margo

      absolutely! Croatia has got to be the #1 spot for me this year. I just need someone to give me a free airline ticket… that’s possible, right? 😉

  • Ahhh seeing this made me so happy… both because I’ve checked many off of my own list, but also because there’s a plethora of ideas here to add to mine also!

    You HAVE to go to Croatia! I spent three weeks there this summer (and am currently posting about my adventures… well. More like rambling on and on about them ;)) and am so head over heels for it that my friends and I are going back in September (plus Montenegro too!)… it’s perfection.

    • Margo

      Done and done, girl! I feel like I’m missing out big time because I haven’t made it to Croatia/Montenegro yet. What am I doing with my life, right?! 😀 When the time comes I’ll definitely check your posts for ideas! Thanks!

  • LOVE this list! Sailing Croatia was one of my favourite (and craziest) experiences ever 🙂

    • Margo

      Oh boy, I have a feeling you were there for yacht week? Was it awesome and wild as what I’ve read?

      • Yes! I was there for their biggest week and I don’t think words can describe how wild it was haha.

  • Megan Indoe

    Wow, this list is really great for us because we are beginning to plan a trip to Europe at the end of the year! This gives us a great head start on some places we haven’t heard of! Thanks for sharing!

    • Margo

      Absolutely, dear! If you guys need any help with your travel planning when the time comes feel free to shoot me an email! I’m happy to share some insight! 🙂

  • sky

    Just by reading this list I want to take a year off from work and just go on a loooong vacation through Europe. These are all great suggestions. I feel like adding something as well from my country: a visit to the medieval town of Sighisoara. It’s like a little fairytale town.

    • Two Small Potatoes

      These are all great suggestions, but I agree with you, Sky, that Sighisoara should be on here! We visited Romania on a 10-day road trip last fall, spending a day in Sighisoara, and the entire trip was spectacular. Romania remains under-appreciated and under-visited by tourists. Margo, Norway and Cinque Terra are high up on my bucket list as well. Great list!

      • Margo

        I totally agree with you! As soon as I can get to Romania I absolutely will. Aside from the fairytale town of Sighisoara is there anywhere else you’d recommend?

        • Two Small Potatoes

          Geez, it’s hard to narrow down, but the Merry Cemetery of Săpânța is definitely worth a visit, as are the Wooden Churches of Maramureș. Assuming you have a rental car, driving the Transfăgărășan is an adventure. If you’re the outdoorsy type, camping in the Carpathians and Hoia Baciu “Haunted Forest” are both pretty memorable. Oh, and you can’t miss Turda Salt Mine! Despite everything we saw, we barely scratched the surface. If you have the time, I’d recommend at least a month!

          • Margo

            Excellent! Thanks so much for all the helpful feedback! I’m pocketing this in my ‘dream trips’ folder! ;D

    • Margo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Sky! Okay, I just google image searched ‘Sighisoara’ and am absolutely in love! It looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Awesome list!

    • Margo

      Thanks so much, Kate! Is there anything you’d add to this list?

  • What a fantastic bucket list, Margo — I hope you get to do all of these things! I keep a similar list inside one of my pantry cabinets so that I can always remember the importance of travel. Right now, driving through the highlands of Scotland and wine tasting in Loire Valley, France are at the top of my list.

    • Margo

      Thanks, my dear! I’m a fanatic of any and all culinary travel, especially wine-themed. At the risk of sounding like a lush, I’d give anything to tour France for a few months drinking as much as I can! 🙂

  • well, I’ve done some of them, but there are still some interesting ideas to do!

    • Margo

      yay! So which ones would you ADD to this list? I’m sure you’ve got something interesting up your sleeve! 🙂

      • eat Sacher torte in Vienna, have afternoon tea in England, swim in the Adriatic sea:) eat chocolate pralines in Belgium 🙂 I’m sure you’ve done them:)

  • Veena

    Umm, thanks for planning the next year of my life for me 🙂 This list is amazing! I’m in whenever you are heading back! xx

    • Margo

      he! You’re so welcome girlfriend! If only we were all heiresses and could gallivant Europe for a year or ten! 😀

  • This list is amazing! Croatia is one of my top places to visit this year – I actually found a cruise that sails from Venice, all down the coast of croatia then to montenegro and a couple places in sicily that I am dying to go on haha! Plitvice lakes and lake bled are on my top to visit places too. I’m so excited that we booked our trip to Annecy for the summer! It looks absolutely amazing. Also, how amazing are those waterfalls in Switzerland?! I’m definitely going to have to add that to my list haha!
    Thanks for sharing!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Definitely the ultimate European bucket list!

    • Margo

      thanks, girlfriend! this is the result of me daydreaming and being off-task for way too long. 😉

  • Love this list, did you do all of these or are some of them still on yours?

    • Margo

      Oh man, I really wish I could say I’ve done them all but no, definitely still quite a few on my list. I think the #1 is to go sailing in Croatia.. they’d be incredible.

  • This is THE Europe bucketlist. I feel incredibly blessed to have done some of this. I laways had Burano island , Black forest and picnic in Luxembourg garden on my list, but now there is about 30 other items I am adding to the bucket list. I have the list printed out and on the wall in the my office – it helps with day dreaming 🙂

    • Margo

      oh girl, I love hearing that! that’s precisely why I made that printable so you just made my day!! thanks so much, dear!

      if there’s anything at all that I might have missed then please let me know! ;D

  • Such a great list. and wohoo! I can tick off a couple of things!!

    enjoy your evening!

    • Margo

      oh I LOVE that you can tick off a few things! so, here’s a question – what’d I miss?! 😀

  • Happy to find I’ve done a majority of these!! But sledding in the Black Forest — WHAAAAAAAT? Must do.

  • I’m surprised with how much of these I actually did! But I also got some new ideas from your list. Thanks for that!

  • Switzerland is on top of my Europe bucketlist as well. Apparently the train rides are stunning there…

  • Zarina

    These are the reason why I do love and want to come back around Europe again. Thanks for the post. I’ve put this already on my list.

    Zarina | Migration Expert Australia