Europe’s Best Beer & Wine Festivals in 2016

Europe’s Best Beer & Wine Festivals in 2016

Best Beer & Wine Fesivals in Europe

What better way to experience local culture than to drink it?! Beer and wine festivals are definitely one of my favorite ways for experiencing a new place and the Europe is chock full of them. Ready to prost with the Germans and sante with the Parisians? From what I found, the best time to experience Europe’s best beer and wine festivals in the late summer/early fall.

Here’s a look at a some of the biggest and funnest boozy festivals that I’m LOVE to attend in 2016:


20 – 23 | Manchester Beer & Cider Festival | Manchester, England


6 -7 | Bruges Beer Festival | Bruges, Belgium


4 – 6 | Barcelona Beer Festival | Barcelona, Spain

Germany Beer Festival - The Overseas Escape-1


10 – 13 | VinItaly Wine & Spirit Exhibition | Verona, Italy (Nearest Airport: Verona & Venice)

23 – 24 (est) | Paisley Beer Festival | Scotland

28 – May 1 | Reading Beer & Cider Festival | Reading, England

29 | Orange Wine Festival | Izola, Slovenia (Nearest airport: Trieste – Friuli)


25 – Jun 5 | Weindorf Wurzburg Wine Festival | Wurzburg, Germany

30 – 31 | Radda in Chianti Wine Festival | Radda, Italy
(Tuscany // Nearest airports: Pisa & Florence)

Also worth noting: Gelato Festival | Florence, Italy


2 – 4 | Taste of Amsterdam | Amsterdam, Netherlands

23 – 26 | Bordeaux Wine Festival | Bordeaux, France

28 – 30 | The Battle of Wine | Haro, Spain (Nearest Airport: Bilbao)


6 – 9 | Beer Festival Ollesummer | Tallinn, Estonia

8 – 11 | Mosel Wine Festival | Mosel Valley, Germany (nearest airport: Frankfurt)

23 – 25 | Birmingham Beer Bash | Birmingham, England


1 – 4 (est.) | Leeds International Beer Festival | Leeds, UK

5 – 7 | Berlin Beer Festival | Berlin, Germany

9 – 13 | Great British Beer Festival | London

12 – 14 | London Craft Beer Festival | London

17 – 21 | Rothenburg Wine Festival | Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany (nearest airport: Munich)

read about my visit to Rothenburg here

25 – 29 | Cochem Wine Festival | Cochem, Germany (nearest airport: Frankfurt)

31 – Sep 9 | Rheingau Wine Market & Festival | Frankfurt, Germany



2 – 4 | Belgian Beer Weekend | Brussels, Belgium

10 – 11 (est.) | Sherry Festival | Jerez, Spain
(nearest airport: Seville)

(early) Ban Des Vendages | Avignon, France
(Nearest airport: Marseille, France)

17 | Rhine in Flames | Saint Goar, Germany

(read about my visit here)

10 – 11 (est) Chianti Classico Wine Festival | Greve, Italy
(Tuscany // Nearest airports: Pisa & Florence)

15 – 18 (est) Vin al Vino Chianti Wine Festival | Panzano, Italy
(Tuscany // Nearest airports: Pisa & Florence)

7 – 11 | Budapest International Wine Festival | Budapest, Hungary

9 – 13 & 16 – 19 | Durkheim Wine Festival (the world’s largest wine festival!) | Bad Durkheim, Germany
(nearest airport: Frankfurt)

17 – Oct 3 | Oktoberfest | Munich, Germany

Read about my time at Oktoberfest here.

26 – 27 (est.) | Vienna Wine Hiking Day | Vienna, Austria

Heidelberg Germany-16


1 – 2 (est.) | Boccaccesca Food & Wine Festival | Certaldo, Italy
(Tuscany // Nearest airports: Pisa & Florence)

3 (est.) | Pilsner Fest | Pilsner, Czech Republic
(Nearest Airport: Prague)

5 – 9 | Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival | Paris

23 – 25 (est.) | Craft Beer Calling | Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

30 – Nov 1 | Hoppy Beer Festival | Liege, Belgium
(Nearest Airport: Brussels)

Europe's Best Beer & Wine Festivals

2016 Best Beer & Wine Festivals in Europe
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  • Obviously this is my favorite post you’ve ever written 😉

  • this is an AWESOME resource!!

  • Great post!! The best Wine fest I have ever been to is the Hoffest am Stein in Wuerzburg! It’s always in July. Can really recommend it

    • Oh thank you! I’ll take a look and add it to the list! I didn’t make it to Wurzburg but have heard it’s SO beautiful.

  • THANK YOU!!! I love this post. I’m going to need to plan some trips around this list.

  • This is a great list!

    • Thanks, girlfriend! It took wayyy longer to compile than I thought it would but I’m glad it’s out there now for all the wine/beer lovers to enjoy! ha

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    I’m not a fan of beer but I’d be all over that cider festival in Manchester… and of course all of the wine events 😉 Thanks for sharing and happy travels!

    • Thanks, Lauren! I hear ya – in the world of libations I’m a wine girl all the way! Sometimes I find cider a little too sweet but I’m not sure I’ve given it a fair shot since I love the other stuff. ;D

  • I’m sending this to my friends that are stationed in Italy right now! I hope that they get a chance to go to some of these festivals! We’re headed to Oktoberfest this year, and I’m so excited!

    • Yay! Make sure you guys get yourselves a cute pair of lederhosen and a dirndl. That makes the whole experience all the more fun! Kind of like wearing a costume at a halloween party, you’ve got to do it!

      • We already started looking at outfits on Amazon! I don’t know how excited the boys will be, but they’ll be all dressed up too!

  • I’m very pleased to see how many German wine festivals you’ve included – I don’t think they’re necessarily an obvious choice for overseas visitors, but if you’re travelling through Germany then they’re unmissable! I would actually recommend the Wiesbaden wine festival over the Frankfurt one, it’s in August and offers stands from over 100 of the truly excellent local winemakers (as well as lots of food). It takes place in the centre of Wiesbaden, which is a beautiful location, and it’s also great for people spotting 😉 There are also tens of wine festivals taking place in towns and villages all over the region over the summer, so it’s definitely worth exploring the options. Unforgettable experiences 🙂 Anyway, sorry, that was a bit of a ramble… great post!

    • Thanks, Christie! I actually went to the Wiesbaden wine festival a few years ago! It is so charming with the location, music scene and vendors. I’ll add it to the list! I agree about all the smaller festivals throughout the region, I opted to add Bad Durkheim’s because it’s definitely more of an event with performances, rides, etc. 🙂

  • I live close to Wurzburg so I’m excited about the Weindorf Wine Festival. Thanks for the tips!

  • All of these sound like so much fun! I think it would be a very unique experience to go to a beer festival in Europe.

  • Becki

    I so want to go to Oktoberfest while I’m living in Spain. Maybe I can finally put that five years of German language I took in school to good use. 😉 Going to read your post about it now to get the scoop.

  • Wow I had no idea there were so many beer and wine festivals! They all sound amazing!