7 Reasons Estonia Should Be On Your Bucket List

7 Reasons Estonia Should Be On Your Bucket List

Marked rocks by Lauri Leesmaa on 500px.com

Recently I’ve observed multiple bloggers and big name photographers making their way to Estonia. For me, Estonia has always had an allure – seated along the Baltic, a stone’s throw from Finland but with it’s own unique charm and history, old growth forests and Tallinn, picture perfect Tallinn.

With light investigation, I discovered that Estonia has so much more to offer than what meets the eye. On the surface, it’s renowned for it’s connectivity and modern conveniences but I came to realize that it’s opportunity to get back in touch with nature and good eating that’s helped Estonia rise through the ranks as a travel destination. Of course, being named TripAdvisor’s best value destination helps too – something I’m sure we can all appreciate.

While barely brushing the surface on what the country has to offer, here’s a rundown of 7 unique and beautiful slow-travel activities:

1 | Offroad in the Countryside

Snowy 4×4 adventures in Estonia ?? adventures made possible by @hiltonhotels ?? #hiltonstory #ad

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If you aren’t already following @MrBenBrown on Instagram then I hate to say it, you’re out of the loop. This guy has an unreal eye for photography and equally impressive approach to capturing drone footage. Recently he grabbed his friends and headed out into the Estonian wilderness to go 4 wheeling. The jaw-dropping footage speaks for itself.

2 | Explore Toolse Order Castle

Toolse Castle by Tanel Drui on 500px.com

Flanked by swans and dating back to the 14th century, Toolse Order Castle awaits seaside. The ruins coupled with wild flowers lend themselves to painting a dreamy picture of life long, long ago.

3 | Wander Old Tallinn

Aerial View of Tallinn Old Town from Toompea Hill in the Evening by Andrey Omelyanchuk on 500px.com

The compact, green capital the country’s capital of Tallinn is considered the best preserved town centers in the world. What to expect: cafes, cobbles, grandiose merchant houses, barns and warehouses dating back to the middle ages.

4 | Canoe in Soomaa National Park

straight ahead by Julka Świderska on 500px.com

An especially intriguing daytrip from Tallinn, the Soomaa National Park was established for the preservation and protection of bogs, a traditional natural landscape. Throughout the park, endless raised planks guide visitors over the rivers and bogs. Alternatively, board one of the traditional wooden canoes for birdwatching and independent exploration.

5 | Dine at the Chef’s Table at Neh in Tallinn

Remarked as a burgeoning foodie paradise, Tallinn offers endless choices for food-centric travelers. Most notably is Neh, a cozy bistro offering Nordic style fare. Currently the Michelin starred chef, Matthias Diether, is running an open chef’s table each evening.

6 | Smoke Sauna in Võru County


Võru County’s smoke sauna (an old-fashioned rural sauna without a chimney) traditions range from smoking meat in the sauna during winter-time, to the smoking hole lined with stones method used in the summer. The heritage of the smoke sauna was recently added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Safe to say, there’s something special about steaming up in Võru County!

7 | Hike the Panga Cliff

Stark in color, the vast slate wall of Panga cliff reaches straight up from the surrounding beach. For the more adventurous, at the highest point of the cliff there is an ancient sacrificial site where people used to sacrifice themselves into the sea. If that’s not a conversation piece then I’m not sure what is. Have you visited Estonia yet or are you dying to go? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This post is sponsored by Visit Estonia however, per usual, I choose to only partner with brands and tourism boards that I recommend to only my nearest & dearest!

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    Estonia is definitely on my travel list. Hoping to get there this upcoming summer! | http://ourpassportpages.com/

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    It looks beautiful!

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    Thanks so much for this post. I hadn’t ever considered Estonia as a destination to visit but I heard about the huge market and also I have a friend who’d just moved out there. Having it be a great value destination helps as well. But seems like tons of people are starting to notice based on the number of blogs I keep seeing. The food seems to be something people keep talking about. Looking forward to having a bite of my own out there. Thanks again Ben.

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