Inside: Escape Guides (Sneak Peek!)

Inside: Escape Guides (Sneak Peek!)


It’s hard to believe that the Escape Guides are finally out. All weekend I was doing a crazy, happy dance welcoming my first customers. (THANK YOU, guys!!)

This morning I wanted to answer a few questions about what’s inside these 30 page bad boys.

1 |  Lodging and restaurants are defined in the itineraries, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t flexibility. For each destination I’ve identified 5+ great, cost-effective alternatives to fit your schedule and budget. Restaurants listed are considered the tastiest in town but not the most expensive – I’m not a luxury traveler and understand that most people aren’t either! Some days you’ll get to pick between a few yummy options, other days I recommend following the guide to the best spot in town!

2 | As a Type A traveler, I LOVE checklists. I always want to make sure everything is squared away before I depart. With that philosophy, these guides are chock full of ’em. Plus, they’re interactive so you can actually check off items as you go. Lodging reserved, check. Museum entrance booked, check. Done, done and done. I’ve also included active hyperlinks right inside the checklist so you can quickly and easily book directly from the file.

3 | Logistics eliminate the headache. I’ve included all the logistical information you need for the duration of the trip. No more searching, googling and TripAdvisor-ing. I’ve also included helpful location maps and map app recommendations.

Available Routes:

Darling Escape – 3 nights Positano, 1 day Capri & 3 nights Rome

On the Darling Escape you’ll dine seaside just as did some of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars, take a boat ride to a private beach followed by an amazing Italian feast and hike the Amalfi peaks. After Positano you’ll head to Capri to explore Italy’s most beautiful seaside gardens. In the Eternal City you’ll peddle through ancient history and enjoy the nightlife and cuisine in the city’s most beloved neighborhood. On the Darling Escape you’ll have these experiences plus many more!

Punchy Escape – 3 nights in Paris, 1 night Bruges & 2 nights Amsterdam

On the Punchy Escape you’ll join the locals for wine by the Seine, taste mouth-watering gourmet food in St. Germain, and head the perfect place to see the sunset over Paris. Then it’s on to the beautiful canaled town of Bruges when you’ll sample beer at one of the country’s best breweries and, of course, try authentic waffles at the best place in town. In Amsterdam you’ll join the locals for a peddle through town, try amazing Dutch cheese, and visit Anne’s famous house. On the Punchy Escape you’ll have these experiences plus many more!

Pending Releases:

January 31, 2015 (discounted rate for pre-orders!)

Serene Escape – Andalusia

Lavish Escape – French Riviera

Escape Guides Infographic

Of course, if you have any questions feel free to drop a note in the comments. I’d love to hear your feedback! 🙂

Escape Guides are for sale in the shop!

>> (What on Earth is she talking about?) If you missed the memo about the release, check out my goofy promo video and all the deets here! 😉