Introducing: Escape Guides // One Week Guides for seeing the Best of Europe

Introducing: Escape Guides // One Week Guides for seeing the Best of Europe

Escape Guides - One Week Guides for Experiencing the Best of Europe

My first e-product is ready and I’m so exciting to share what I’ve been working on for the past month! Introducing Escape Guides, one week guides for experiencing the absolute best of Europe.

Since the inception of this blog I’ve received heaps of questions from travelers heading to Europe. The #1 question? “Where should I go?” Yes, there’s tons of guides and travel books out there that I absolutely love but sorting through a 150 page chapter on Paris (a la Rick Steves’ France) leaves a lot of us with more questions than answers. So, I’ve made it simple. Straightforward one-week guides providing absolutely everything you need to know to book your trip. Where to stay, eat, museums and tours, everything. I’ve included logistically information and, most importantly, helpful checklists to ensure that absolutely nothing slips through the cracks.

My goal with Escape Guides was to reduce (& outright eliminate!) the planning process for booking a trip to Europe. All you have to do is click the hyperlinks within the guide and you’ll have everything arranged within an hour. You’ll have the confidence in knowing you’re going to have a ridiculously awesome trip without the stress of worrying that you’re going to miss a meal at the local dive or sunset from the best place in the city. No more searching through TripAdvisor to determine where to head for dinner, instead grab your table at the tastiest place in town with prearranged reservations. Checklists, booking sites, even the best Instagram hashtags to use throughout your journey!

It will be a true escape, and I know it’s going to be amazing.

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What’s in an Escape Guide?

  • 30 Page Interactive PDF file with editable fields for adding notes, quotes, booking and flight information. Update the guide as you go so that it’s your one-stop resource throughout your trip.
  • A helpful Packing Guide for bringing exactly what you need and nothing you don’t
  • Preparation and Printing Checklists to ensure that your entire journey runs smoothly:
    • exactly where to stay (including multiple alternatives ranging from hotels to cost-effective Airbnb’s)
    • restaurant contact information (to ensure you get a table at the tastiest place in town)
    • tour and museum ticket information
    • transit booking information (including the train number and time)
    • airline booking information
  • An all-encompassing Day by Day Itinerary for a 7 day/6 night journey
    • broken down by morning, afternoon, and evening, just follow the guide to see and experience the most in your journey
    • each day is carefully planned to help you avoid long lines (did you know that 3PM is the best time to see the Vatican?)
  • Thorough Route Information for navigating between destinations along with handy maps
  • Cost-effective: the best restaurants aren’t just the one with white tablecloths and the greatest places to stay don’t have to have turn-down service. Escape Guides identify hotels, Airbnb’s, restaurants, tours that are reasonably priced but don’t skimp on quality. These are not a backpackers’ or luxury travelers’ guide, it’s for the rest of us that want to have a amazing trip while spending our money on exactly what matters and nothing that doesn’t.
  • Destination Insight pages covering everything from tipping to toasting!
  • Additional Travel Tips for getting great flight deals and downloading helpful travel apps
  • PLUS: Access to the private online Escape Guides Resource page with travel notices and a traveler connection forum
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The Escape Guide Travel Philosophy:

The journeys that have been the most memorable for me aren’t the ones where I was stuck on a long museum tour, squished into a bus full of strangers or when wasted hours in an airport. I believe that seeing, tasting and exploring destinations firsthand is when genuine travel experiences are made, and the ones that linger long after I’ve returned. I’ve carefully crafted the routes for Escape Guides to be not just to the most beautiful destinations but those that offer the vision of Europe we all dream about. Drinking wine on the steps of Montmartre at sundown, hiking the peaks of the Amalfi Coast, Escape Guides are a true escape to the best of Europe. 

Money-Back Guarantee:

If the Escape Guide doesn’t end up being what you were looking for then no problem!  If you’re not pleased within 7 days then email me for a full refund.

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