How Delta Turned our 1,000 mile Journey into Date Night

An Inside look at Delta’s new Free In-Flight Entertainment

How Delta Turned our 1,000 mile Journey into Date Night


We rolled our bags down the jet bridge in Richmond and slowly shuffled down the plane aisle. The entire trip was a somewhat unexpected – booked just 24 hours prior, but one that we were both thrilled about. This past weekend I partnered with Delta Airlines to test out their snazzy new Free In-Flight Entertainment service offerings. With two flights each way, our destination was the green peaks of Acadia National Park and the town of Bar Harbor.

Unsure of exactly what to expect in terms of in-flight amenities, I dutifully downloaded the Gogo Entertainment app in preparation for our initial leg to Laguardia. I’m familiar with transatlantic flights and their lavish movie offerings, but for small, domestic flights the only entertainment I’d ever previously found came in the form of amusement over various SkyMall products.

Why yes, I do want a pedal laptop desk, but who doesn’t?

We took our seats and prepared for takeoff. At cruising altitude I turned on my phone and spent the next 90 minutes totally preoccupied with an occasional burst of laughter (perhaps annoying to other passengers). From the generous selection panel I choose Will Ferrell’s latest movie, Ferrel Takes the Field, a documentary about Will Ferrell playing on 10 MLB teams to raise money for a charity. No hiccups, no delays nor swirling buffering displays – I watched an entire movie at 30,000 feet. Awesome.


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In Laguardia Dan and I wavered on where to dine but eventually opted for ramen bowls at Kambu in Terminal B. It was actually absolutely delicious and only marginally overpriced – a true win for airport food!

The second leg of the journey was slightly shorter so I opted to tune in to one of favorite tv shows, Veep. Veep is only available on HBO so I was delighted to see it as an in-flight option. Julie Louis-Dreyfus makes for a humorous President Selena Meyer and the witty banter of her staff is not to be missed. Again, with a rather critical eye, I waited for some sort of fuzzy delay, syncing, a pause… but nothing. After two episodes I realized that were just about to touch down in Baa-Haa-Baa. We’d traveled almost 1,000 miles, but after watching a movie, a few tv shows and a slurping bowl of ramen, it might has well have been date night.

Over the next few days Dan and I spent our time Maine-ly (get it?!) offline as we hiked, biked and kayaked through Acadia National Park. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the National Parks are celebrating their 100th birthday this year so if there’s ever been a time to go check what the fuss is all about, it’s now. Bar Harbor, located just outside the park, is also an absolute gem. With its charming port, quaint downtown and plethora of tasty restaurants to choose from there’s no better getaway in my book.

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On Sunday we reluctantly packed up our things and hustled back to the airport, a little more weighed down by a few glutinous bowls of lobster mac and cheese. On the return flights I opted to use my laptop to stream Whitney Cumming’s HBO special (headphones required by absolutely hysterical!) and Clooney’s latest, Hail Casear. Again, I happily watched issue-free using Delta’s Free In-Flight Entertainment, aside from the fact that we touched down in Richmond before I could finish the movie.


After a relaxing transit to a gorgeous destination, I have to thank Delta for making the entire weekend that much more fun. Typically air travel comes with its share of headaches but with the addition of high quality entertainment the entire vacation starts on the jet bridge.


  • I’d like a pedal laptop desk and I bet you would too.
  • Delta’s new Free In-Flight Entertainment is fantastic: HBO, blockbusters, and issue-free streaming at 30,000 feet.
  • If you haven’t already, go watch Veep, JLD is hysterical.
  • The slow pace

    This has nothing to do with travelling but that striped dress is super cute 🙂

    • Margo

      ha! it’s these honest comments that make me adore you! do you know Jordan from Beertime with Wagner? She also lives in Hamburg and ALSO had a similar comment on an instagram post about that same dress!

      • The slow pace

        Great minds…. 😉

  • Great post! I just got back from San Francisco and this would have been so nice to have on that flight! I’m planning a trip to Portland next so now I’m definitely going to try and book my flight with Delta! Gorgeous photos from your trip!

    • Margo

      Thanks so much, sweetie! Maine is an ideal destination for photography lovers.

      Have an amazing trip to Portland!! 😀

  • Delta really is one of the best airlines. Also, a trip to Maine sounds perfect right now!

    • Margo

      Agreed. I’m about to take a transatlantic flight with a low-cost carrier and am very nervous about the whole experience. The seats don’t recline, no snacks and certainly no HBO. I’m going to be missing Delta big time.

      Maine is a delight! Have you been?

      • I haven’t been! I’d love to go.
        I flew on WOW Airlines over the summer and it wasn’t all that bad. I took my own entertainment and snacks. Download movies to a tablet if you have Amazon Prime! It was a lifesaver.

        • Margo

          Oh my gosh – that’s exactly what I’m flying. I’m so happy to know that it wasn’t awful! For the price, I’m happy to even have a seat to sit in – such a great deal!

  • Wait, how?? It’s totally free on every flight now? That sounds too good to be true!

    • Margo

      It’s true! Pretty sweet, right? I also watched Whitney Cummings’ HBO special which is certainly headphone worthy but hysterical. You should definitely check it out. 😀

  • We always fly Delta from London (now Singapore!) back to the US, but I’ve just booked our first domestic flight with them for this Christmas. Good to know we’ll have some movies to watch from Phoenix to Memphis! 🙂

  • Sounds like I have some catching up to do.. I haven’t heard of any of these shows! Delta must have the latest ; )

  • Delta is one awesome airlines. In our country we need one very badly.. 🙁

  • Delta is really the best… 🙂

  • girlscoutnocookie

    That’s pretty clever of Delta. Passengers use their own hardware that they always bring anyway (phones and laptops) and Delta provides the content. Not a bad arrangement at all.