Daydreaming of Italian sunshine // Monterosso, Italy

Daydreaming of Italian sunshine // Monterosso, Italy

I haven’t had a shadow in 2 weeks. Instead of cursing this German winter I’m going to channel my energy into daydreaming about my Italian summer.

Meet Monterosso, Italy. Seated along the Italian coast, part of Cinque Terre, “The Five Lands”, and famous for it’s lemon trees, beach and olives.

My visit wasn’t a long one. Enough time to wander the village, lay on the beach and feast on Caprese.

Afterwards my family and I caught the ferry back to the village we were residing, a few kilometers south along the coast. The ferry service throughout Cinque Terre is not only a beautiful way to see the coastline but impressive  as skilled captains weasel their boats up to perilous rocky docks to cart around money-carrying tourists.

Now it’s back to the reality of the last minute Christmas crunch and… cold rain.

P.S. If you love Monterosso then take a look at Corniglia and Vernazza.