Darling Salzburg, Austria

Darling Salzburg, Austria

Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Warm peaches, yellows and taupes, wrought iron signposts, vibrant flowers and pristine Baroque architecture, Salzburg has it all figured it out.
A few weeks ago my girlfriends and I called Salzburg home for a few fleeting days while exploring the stunning Austrian countryside. After day trips to stunning sights like Hallstatt, Zell Am See and the ridiculously beautiful Leichtensteinklamm gorge, we headed into the city each night for dinner and drinks.
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all

Getting our bearings upon arrival, we settled in to the highly-rated Zum Wilder Mann, located off one of the zillions of cozy alleys the spring off the main pedestrian thoroughfare. Starting with radlers (beer and lemonade or beer and Sprite depending on the bartender and region) followed by traditional Austrian fare. Tara and I both ordered the spring chicken with fries while Jen opted for the special, vegetable stuffed strudel. Stuart promptly cleaned the floor of fries then turned his attention to my plate.

Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Following the meal, we glided through town, window shopping and soaking in that Austrian charm that simply can’t be replicated.
Famed for a myriad of reasons, Salzburg is otherwise known as Mozart’s city (his birthplace), home of the famous Mirabell Palace, the location of the Sound of Music filming as well as being UNESCO world heritage site (you know I like that). Strolling the streets, the city feels surprisingly fresh and almost mediterranean with all the warm tones. I absolutely loved it.

Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all

Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
Beautiful Salzburg, Austria | Guten Blog Y'all
The spectacle in the evening only makes the scene more magical. After spending the day weighted by my DSLR, my iPhone attempted to serve the scene justice.

Have you been to Salzburg? If so, did you love it?

  • Salzburg is one of the top places on my list. I was supposed to go there in 2007 but the trip got cancelled. Darling is definitely the right word to use for the title of this post 😉

  • We might be going through Vienna next year and I am wondering if we should do Salzburg while we’re in that general area too and I’m thinking, yes!

  • Salzburg looks like such a pretty place, I love the stripes of green and white in the first photo!

  • Stuart looks good in Salzburg!

  • I’ve been to Vienna and I loved it. Salzburg is next on my list. Pretty photos 🙂


  • What a cute town! I love the picturesque architecture!

  • just found your blog and i love it-your adorable! i’ve been to vienna but now your pictures make me want to go to salzburg!

  • …O.K., I just have to say it: Do, a deer–a female deer/Re–a drop of golden sun, haha!!…

  • What a gorgeous city!

  • I’ve been to Salzburg years ago and I remember it being very beautiful and charming! We toured the film locations of The Sound of Music (I’m a huge Sound of Music fan!) and I loved it! Glad to see you had a great time in Salzburg. Your pictures look great! 🙂

  • I’ve only stepped foot in Vienna for about half day, on an Interrail trip in 2011. I can’t wait to go back and see ALL of Austria. Optimism!

  • I visited Salzburg a few years ago, and I loved it too – such a pretty city! Your pictures are lovely, too, and really do it justice 🙂

  • I just spent the entire time reading this post humming along to “The Sound of Music.” Seriously need to visit Salzburg one day and FINALLY go on “The Sound of Music” tour!

  • What a pretty place. Beer and lemonade or sprite doesn’t sound like the greatest combination, but it must be good if its everywhere… or is that like a “haggis” thing..where its everywhere (in Scotland) but doesn’t taste that great.. Something to taste test for the future. 😉

  • Lovely photos! I have so many images from Salzburg just sitting in my computer – you may have just inspired me to write up that post 🙂 Well done, really enjoyed this!

  • salzburg looks so lovely! i’ve never been, but i’m moving to munich in two weeks, and definitely going to plan a weekend trip to salzburg!
    xo, cheyenne

  • Oh boy! that’s so exciting! Munich is going to be amazing. I’m heading there in a few weeks for Oktoberfest so if you have (or hear of) any tips on navigating the festivities please let me know! 🙂

  • Great! I look forward to seeing them! I’m a big fan of Girl vs. Globe and have definitely referred to your blog often for travel and blogging tips! 🙂

  • Ha, I haven’t heard of haggis before but I just googled it and it definitely sounds super weird. No, I promise radlers are seriously delicious. In Heidelberg I even had one that was grapefruit with beer, still good, I swear. 🙂

  • Ah! There you are! Hope you’re having the best time ever in the mitten! (You guys call it that right?) 😀 hugs!

  • Laura, you’re so sweet! Glad you enjoyed the Salzburg pics and extra glad that you were already able to explore it firsthand! 🙂

  • Yes ma’am, I definitely agree! I propose a month long Austria trekking tour! (too much?)

  • Thanks so much Paola! I’m kind of kicking myself for not taking the time to do the Sound of Music bike tour, we kind of ran out of time with day trips in the area. BUT, now I just have a good reason to return, right? 🙂

  • Agreed! Salzburg is a gem! 🙂

  • Hhahaa! There was an elephant in the room wasn’t there! So glad you broke the silence! 😀

  • Hi Sienna, welcome! I’m happy you’re here! (Sorry for being cheesy but it’s true!) I checked out your blog – it’s beautiful! Count me in as a new follower. 😀

    (I promise to reduce the amount of exclamations in the future…)

  • Me too! Salzburg has it all figured out doesn’t she? (Or he? She seems like a better fit with all the pink buildings.)

  • Wonderful, I bet you’ll love it! Thanks for the compliment too dear! 🙂

  • Ha! Flash mobs of locals singing and dancing to Disney songs and all the ladies wearing beautiful ball gowns while squirrels and birds help with chores…now that would have been truly wonderful. 😀

  • Ha! Agreed, nothing like the charm of an old cobble stone street. 😀

  • Thanks, love! It was really special!

    On an unrelated note, all your yummy cooking inspired me to bake zucchini bread yesterday. Our oven isn’t the best and the bread ended up burning on the outside but stayed raw in the middle. I thought it was done and tried to flip it on to a cooling rack when raw batter when everywhere. Yikes! #majorcookingfail Fortunately I was able to piece it back together, bake it longer, then served it to Dan in a cup like zucchini bread pudding, and he loved it! Ha, don’t tell him that it’s supposed to be real bread though!

  • Oh! I told him what you said and he blushed! 😀

    (too much? ha!)

  • Me too! The pretty umbrellas were one of the first things that caught my eye as we were strolling around. Coupled with the soft pink buildings it’s such a pretty scene. 🙂

  • I’m thinking yes too! It’s actually something like a 2 or 3 hour train ride from Vienna so it’s actually pretty convenient. 🙂 (PS – love that you have 2 european vacation planned within the next year, exciting!)

  • Ha, I’ll be honest, I used a thesaurus when trying to pick the right word to describe the city. “Adorable” and “charming” seemed overplayed and somewhat off, so when “darling” popped up it seemed perfect. 🙂

    Hope you can make it there sometime soon! You’ll definitely love it!

  • We’ve got some fun (and different than our usual) things in the works for 2015!!! 🙂 Can’t wait!

  • Wow! What a beautiful, calming place! All of the pictures look so clean and well thought out… You have a good eye! I especially like the cafe with the green and white umbrellas. so pretty!
    I’ve never been to Salzburg (or Austria for that matter), but it looks like a wonderful place.

  • There’s never too much time to travel and see new places 🙂

  • Oh man, I have a crazy pants oven, too! It never behaves when it comes to baking pretty much anything 🙂 And zucchini bread pudding sounds pretty darn perfect, so maybe your oven is on to something!!

  • I’m swooning over every single color in this post. ABSOLUTELY DARLING. ugh.

  • Salzburg is on my bucket list, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ah your beautiful photos bring back great memories of my trip to Salzburg two Christmases ago. I stayed both in the city and also down at the lakes in Schloss Fuschl. Your pics have captured the beauty of the city so well.

  • Crystal

    I have been a few times and LOVE it. I am lucky enough to work for a company that is based in Timelcam, not too far from Salzburg. I love the salt mine tours. So fun to slide down the bannister into the mines and the underground lake is amazing!