Dining on the Danube in Budapest

Dining on the Danube in Budapest

Sintra, Portugal

Take dusk + the Danube + dueling pianos and what do you get? MAGIC.

Pure, abracadabra, MAGIC! I tell ya! 

When planning our visit to Budapest we had been advised by many that we needed to see the sights along the Danube at night. It was a sight to behold, we were told. So when the Silver Line Dinner & Night Cruise offered us an evening cruise on Valentine’s Day I immediately agreed. How romantic, right? 

Budapest Cruise

We arrived at the dock for the Silver Line at the end of blue hour (my favorite time of day). With a few minutes to spare, we strolled down the boardwalk towards the beautiful Chain Bridge, watching the city lights slowly warm for the evening ahead. There was a flurry of activity on our side of the river, former Pest, with lots of boats loading their evening passengers and tourists milling about, unsure of how best to appreciate the scene before us. 

Across the Danube, Buda Castle was slowly becoming ablaze.

Sintra, PortugalSintra, PortugalSintra, PortugalSintra, PortugalSintra, Portugal

We made our way to Chain Bridge – Dan sauntered along slowly while I snapped away the scene. And what a scene it was, right?

Sintra, Portugal Sintra, PortugalSintra, Portugal

With the clock ticking and Dan’s stomach growling, we turned and made our way back to the boat. Music was in the air and the lights were dimmed in preparation for the evening guests. 

Sintra, PortugalSintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal

If there’s one thing that Dan and I love most, it’s live music. Seeing the pianists at the front of the boat we immediately took seats in front and center of the stage. Before us the table was set with Valentine’s in mind – rose petals and napkins covered in hearts. I, of course, sported my bright Chanel lipstick. Upon taking our seats we were handed glasses of champagne. 

(See how perfect this evening is? I’m not even done yet…!)

Sintra, PortugalSintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal

With a cheerful introduction from the maitre d’ the boat departed from the dock and headed north down the river. Dinner service began promptly while Dan and I order a second round of drinks – cold beers for both of us! 

Sintra, Portugal

I had a crunchy Cesar salad, followed by savory beef stew with polenta. Being honest, with this type of activity I had expected more of a mass produced, cafeteria style meal – that wasn’t the case at all. The food was truly fantastic. 

Sintra, PortugalSintra, PortugalSintra, PortugalSintra, Portugal

I barely had time to sneak a picture of Dan’s duck leg confit with crispy white cabbage and gratin potatoes before it vanished the plate. Even a “try this” bite wasn’t permitted.

Sintra, Portugal

After our dessert of chestnut mousse with dried sour cherries Dan and I wore big Cheshire cat grins as the pianists began flooding the room with classic, beautiful melodies. 


Sintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal

Outside the scene had changed drastically as night had closed in. The instagram-loving guests and I scrambled to the windows to capture the passing Hungarian Parliament Building. 

Sintra, PortugalSintra, Portugal

Realizing that I could head outside for an even better view, I raced to the back of the boat for a quick snap of the passing Chain Bridge and another shot of Parliament. 

Sintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal Sintra, Portugal

The remainder of the evening was spent bopping along with the pianists and embracing our special night on the Danube. Hats off to the pianists and lovely maitre d’ for the entertaining show!

Sintra, Portugal Sintra, PortugalSintra, Portugal

Whether you’ve got someone on your arm or not, be sure to make time for an evening cruise with Silver Line. It’s the absolute perfect way to see the city. 

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Sintra, Portugal

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