Reypenaer Cheese Tasting // Amsterdam

Reypenaer Cheese Tasting // Amsterdam


A few weeks ago I shared scenes from our seriously awesome walking tour around Amsterdam. I fell in love with the city and can not wait to return. While there we also squeezed in a visit to the Cheese Tasting Room atΒ Reypenaer that I found on TripAdvisor. Initially reluctant, it turned out to soooo tasty and fun.

To start, we congregated in the shopping area of the Reypenaer Cheese Shop with all kinds of free yummy samples. At the stroke of 2PM student were invited to their cozy classroom downstairs. On the tables wine glasses were set out alongside five wedges of cheese. After a brief video explaining Reypenaer’s unique history, our instructor poured generous glasses of wine to pair with each of the cheeses. We worked through each cheese as class, identifying subtle flavors and appropriate food pairings. Much like wine, I don’t have a discriminating palette when it comes to cheese (heck, I can get down with some Kraft Blue Box) but my word, these cheeses were so yum. We were allowed to sample as much as we liked and were even given refills of the wine. This was such a great way to spend a few hours in Amsterdam, I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance!

reypenaercheese02 reypenaercheese03reypenaercheese05 reypenaercheese06reypenaercheese08 reypenaercheese09 reypenaercheese10reypenaercheese12

My favorite was the Reypenaer original, nom nom nom.

reypenaercheese11 reypenaercheese13

Book ahead since the classroom slots fill up quickly!

  • Two of my favorite things! Wine and cheese!

  • Alisia

    Nothing better than cheese and wine while spending time with good company.

  • Unfortunately I am not supposed to have cheese but I could get down with some wine! πŸ™‚ Looks like a great time!

  • This is absolutely incredible! Cheese is one of my favorite things. And wine. Oh my this is just heaven.

  • Lex

    OMG! My boyfriend and I did a cheese tasting at this exact spot in August. It’s so awesome! Did you leave there wanting one of those cool cheese guillotines they had?

  • Ha! I’m so glad you mentioned the guillotines (and knew how to spell it), Dan couldn’t stop talking about that thing. I think it was the combination of the awesome cheese and opportunity to play with the guillotine that caused us to consume so much. Dan cut piece after piece trying to make the thinest slice possible without tearing. Ha. πŸ™‚

  • Agreed! Although my cheese appetite has mainly revolved around what works best for melting down and adding noodles (true story – there’s 5 boxes of kraft mac & cheese in my checked luggage back to germany right now), I’ve definitely started to gain a real appreciation of good quality cheese. I’d like to think this makes me a refined adult, ha. πŸ™‚

  • Wine clearly wears the pants in the wine + cheese relationship, so no worries! Happy belated New Years Jenn!

  • Amen! I couldn’t agree more! Well, maybe if you added reese piece’s to the mix it’d be pretty amazing, but that kind of ruins the wine and cheese vibe. πŸ™‚

  • Woot woot for wine and cheese! Wine by itself is good too. πŸ˜€

  • Lol this is my dream trip. Cheese tasting anywhere.

  • Oh definitely! and happy belated NY to you as well!