Calling All Content Creators! Introducing The City Guide Database

Calling All Content Creators! Introducing The City Guide Database

London, England

As bloggers, so many of us have created city guides for our favorite destinations. Great ones, too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve relied on a fellow blogger’s recommendation for lodging, restaurants, tours… and even a slice of cake! Too many times to count. 

The problem that I’ve found is that whenever I stumble across a great guide it gets lost in my bookmarks and Pinterest boards. When the time comes to actually go I can’t remember where it went, so I opt for ridiculous searches like ‘Blog Best things Paris’. It’s sad, isn’t it?

SO, I’m hoping to fix that. I want use this space to promote GREAT city guides, YOUR guides! It’s simple. I want people like you, me, our parents and our friends to be able to quickly find and reference all those helpful guides that we bloggers have created.

Your city guides will be featured in an organized database on a dedicated page on my site with links to the post and your blog. Not only is this awesome for your SEO, but will also be a way to drive new traffic and visitors to your site.

The Basics:

  1. Recommendations for at least 8 specific hotels, restaurants, tours, and/or experiences (The more specific the better, not “do a food tour” but “go on the gourmet food tour of St. Germain with Hidden Paris tours”, you get the drift!)
  2. Great grammar, spelling and images 
  3. Current (If posted prior to 2015 please verify your recommendations are still in business!)

Submission Process:

Using City, Country in the subject line, please email the following: 

  1. City Guide Title and Link
  2. Blog Name and Link
  3. Your First Name and City of Residence
  4. Your City Guide’s Audience (Who is this guide best suited for? Identify all that apply from this list: first timer, outdoor lover, foodie, photographer, family, luxury or weekend visitor)

One Important Note:

There is no limit on the number of guides you can submit, however please do not submit guides for cities that you’ve spent less than 1 week visiting. The goal is for this to be a helpful, reliable resource from well-informed travelers, I hope you understand.

Want examples of the type of guides I’m looking for?

10 Free Things to do in Reykjavik (Unlocking Kiki)
London Calling City Guide (Beertime with Wagner)
Eat, See, Do // Chicago City Guide (MontgomeryFest)

I can’t wait to see what you’ve made!