Life Lately // B is for Business?!

Life Lately // B is for Business?!

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I’m not a very good secret-keeper or a gal that can keep quiet when anything is on my mind. I wear my feelings on my sleeve and LOVE getting feedback and input before making big decisions.

On Friday I spilled the beans to my newsletter readers and today I want to open up the conversation to you! I’m in the process of turning this little blog into a business. While I’m a bit nervous, I’ve VERY excited about this new direction.

Here’s the back story:

On January 8 I released my first Escape Guides, citing the need for simple straight-forward DIY itineraries for exploring some of the best destinations in Europe. I shared the news here, posted my guides on Etsy, crossed my fingers, and closed my laptop for the first time in months. The immediate feedback and interest I received was WONDERFUL. I’m really delighted to share the success of those guides matched my enjoyment in creating them!

After posting the Guides I received quite a few emails from customers seeking additional guides and tailored itineraries. To help, two weeks ago I setup a Perfect Escape e-product. I realized that travel agents are archaic for us millennials – and that’s not what I wanted to be. With the Perfect Escape I wanted to provide travelers with a different kind of service, a travel consultancy. I wanted to provide a collaborative trip planning service based on matching their travel goals with my personal knowledge and destination experience, capitalizing on my relationships with tour operators and properties across Europe but not overlooking the perks of the sharing economy (looking at you, Airbnb!). Finally, I knew I wanted to channel the beauty and detail of the DIY Escape Guides. I was optimistic but totally unsure if anyone would actually want to work with me.

I never expected the tremendous feedback that has followed! Since posting my Perfect Escape on Etsy I’ve received a number of awesome clients who ‘get’ and appreciate my offering. Over the past two weeks I’ve had trip planning conversations with each via Skype (wine encouraged, of course!) and have already kicked out a few beautiful custom itineraries.

So what’s next? Well, don’t worry – nothing is going to change relating to the content on this blog. Photo diaries, travel stories, all that jazz. I can’t deny what I love sharing! Down the road I have plans to update the look and feel of this site to highlight my consulting services and will also share my journey as the solo employee of a start-up in Charlottesville, Virginia.

To be completely honest, I’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur (at 7 I started a trampoline school in my backyard, the target market being the kids in the neighborhood that didn’t know how to double-bounce or flip) but I never realized that maybe my favorite hobby of travel blogging could actually be it’s own self-standing business, LLC and all! If you have any feedback or advice on my new direction please let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

To contact me privately, shoot me an email: 🙂