Holiday Scenes from Bruges, Belgium (& what was I doing in 2013?)

Holiday Scenes from Bruges, Belgium (& what was I doing in 2013?)

Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-1-2

In preparation for my post with Expedia (eee!) a few weeks ago, I went back into my archives for images from my time in Bruges, Belgium. After searching through them I noticed a few things:

a. Two years ago I took a marginal amount of pictures compared to today. While in Williamsburg, Virginia yesterday and this morning, I took around 500 shots. In Bruges circa 2013, I captured around 150 over the course of multiple days. This boggles my mind! So, I have to ask, how many shots do YOU average when you go somewhere new? Am I a totally snap-happy crazy lady? (I know the answer already.)

b. While I’d like to think my photography has improved, I think it’s my photo editing that lends a lot to what happens behind the scenes here on the blog. Back in 2013 I relied on the minimal editing options in iPhoto. These days I’m obsessed with Lightroom and use it to CHEAT my way into getting photographs I love. What’s your secret sauce?

c. Bruges! What a beautiful little town! The canals, the adorable little bars and all the Belgian architecture goodness. A friend I was traveling with claimed it to be one of her favorite places in the world. I can see why. After searching through my scant folder of images from 2013 I’m convinced I need to get back there asap to give the place a better shot, literally.

Without delving deep into a cloud of self-evaluation what processes have you improved on with time? If you’ve thought about resolutions for 2016 I’d love to hear ’em!

Now, without further ado, a few festive scenes from Bruges images with 2015 editing. 😉

Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-3Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-5Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-8Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-4Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-14Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-11Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-12Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-13Bruges Belgium - The Overseas Escape-10