Beautiful Burano Island, Italy

Beautiful Burano Island, Italy


Burano Island, a small island in the Venetian lagoon, is home to the region’s fisherman – currently about 2,800 of them. More commonly though, Burano Island draws tourists worldwide (ahem) to stroll its canals and to view its brightly painted homes. The fisherman painted their homes with vibrant colors to aid them in finding their way back after a long day at sea. The tradition has continued today. Much like a HOA (Homeowners Association) board stateside, homeowners must first appeal to the local municipality to change the color. Then once approved they’re provided a list of choices. Interesting!

Our visit to Burano Island was part of a long weekend in Venice in early February. We were blessed with pleasant weather (it poured down rain the weeks before and after), but weren’t so lucky with the clear, vibrant skies, which are ideal for photo taking. No matter the weather, I knew that I had to get to Burano. It’s a pinteresty wanderlust paradise that I was too close to miss. Getting their is a cake walk too, just a 45 minute vaparetti ride (16 euro roundtrip) from Venice, which is nothing more than a reliable water ferry.

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After strolling around for about an hour Dan and I ducked into a cafe for a quick snack. Italy is about eating, and we’re both very talented at it. Cue the weirdest snack ever – octopus, a local specialty. Honestly, it’s not so bad. Dan commented that it kind of reminded him in texture and butteriness (who knew that was a word?) of a ball of fresh mozzarella. What doesn’t complement octopus, however, is a cafe latte, which was the other half of my order. Coffee and sea creatures just don’t mix. Next time, I’ll stick with the bruschetta. Next time.


Lesson learned, coffee and sea creatures don’t mix.

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Dan and I each picked our favorite colored walls for a little shoot. Check out that handsome devil!

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As I mentioned, the name of the game in Italy is food. Carbloading, actually. If it weren’t for the promise of a great dinner, I doubt we would’ve left Burano when we did. Of course, the stormy clouds also played a hand in moving our visit along.

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We hopped the vaparetti and made our way to Da Mamo, back in Venice. 1300 stellar TripAdvisor reviews don’t deny that this place is legit. Dan and I both went for the handmade creamy gnocchi. Hello, delicious lover!