Bar None Beautiful: Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar None Beautiful: Bar Harbor, Maine


We arrived after midnight. The charming streets I’d heard so much about were a ghostland. Despite the pleasant mood and amusing accent (to my southern ear) of the night staff at our hotel, I went to sleep not feeling as wicked thrilled as I thought I’d be about Baa-haa-baa. The next morning we permitted ourselves to sleep in before realizing that we were, indeed, sleeping away our vacation. We caught the hotel’s breakfast just before it closed and spent the better half of the morning strolling along the harbor. My concerns were instantly lifted as I confirmed the rumors were indeed true – Bar Harbor is nothing short of idyllic.

After the town pier devoured my lens cap, we took a long stroll along the shore path that wraps the coast. Back at the hotel we gathered our belongings and, as became our daily ritual, jetted off into the depths of Acadia National Park. Acadia is essentially a wonderland of outdoor activities and accessible to all ages. Groomed bike trails weave through the park’s rolling hills and crystal clear lakes. Be sure not to miss popovers and blueberry crisp at the Jordan Pond House, in the heart of the park.

Back in town, boutiques offer everything from nautical wear, to kitschy knickknacks and gorgeous artwork. The winner for the best shop name? ‘Bark Harbor’ which caters to four-legged fur babies. Brilliant, right? For dinner we loved Finback Alehouse for their farm-to-table and sea-to-table offerings. We successfully maintained a fish taco per day regimen and have no regrets about it.

Perhaps most memorable though was our sunset tour around ‘The Quiet Side’ with Maine State Kayak out of Southwest Harbor. Admittedly, Dan had to do a little convincing to get me to join what ended up being was an absolutely surreal experience. For two hours we paddled amongst osprey, seal and porpoise. Our guide, Corky, was one of the best I’ve ever had as he continued to paint the scene before us: “Overhead we have an osprey with a 5 foot wingspan on the hunt. At 11 o’clock you’ll see a loon about to dive up to 200 feet…” It added a whole new perspective to our time on the sea and made me conscious of aquatic and birdlife in a way that I never had before.

All and all, I’d put Bar Harbor up there beside Savannah and Charleston as a great long weekend destination. Truly gorgeous scenery, lots to eat, see and do. What’s missing in nightlife is made up by the fact that if you rise early enough you can be the first in the US to see the sunrise. Unfortunately for us though, the morning we rose pre-crack of dawn to see the spectacle the island was totally shrouded a clouds. That said, we’ll be back!


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Up early to see the sunrise… or, not. 😉bar-harbor-the-overseas-escape-35

  • Sj Dc

    just realised how much i missed your gorgeous blog posts!!!! but i’m so happy your following all your other interests too!! Wishing you only the best..always

    • Margo

      Ha, thanks so much! That’s really nice to hear! Being out of the game for a few months really has required a lot more thought to write and photograph then it used to. Gotta build back my writing muscles, I guess! I’m glad you’re a fan though! ;D

  • I loved Bar Harbor, such a cute town! I’d love to go back someday soon!

    • Margo

      It is so adorable, I totally agree! What season did you visit? We had the best weather in late August, I was amazed.

  • Lauren @

    Omg haha- my parents go to Bar Harbor the same week every year in May… Which is why my two brothers and I all have birthdays the same week in February ?. It looks like a delightful date spot! Gorgeous photos.

    • Margo

      HAHA, that took me a second but I totally get it now! I never would’ve thought Bar Harbor would be the city of romance but I understand why – it’s gorgeous!

  • really beautiful!

    • Margo

      thanks so much Tanja, it’s definitely a gorgeous place!

  • HandLuggageOnly

    I sooooooo wanted to go to Maine when we were in Boston but instead ended up in Providence, Rhode Island… These photos aren’t helping my FOMO at all. 🙂 Looks like I need to head to Maine very soon!


    • Margo

      Yaya! Yes, you totally missed the boat, man! Jk, your Boston visit was undoubtedly a ton of fun! But yes, next time you’ve gotta head to the Down East (that’s what they call that region of Maine though I’m not 100% sure why). 🙂

  • Did I ever tell you that if I didn’t stay in Europe, I was hoping to move to Portland, Maine?! Even started looking at jobs there and everything!!! Gorgeous photos as always xo

    • We have this in common! 😀

      • Margo

        What!? I had NO idea that Portland was on your list. Notta clue! You BOTH would’ve been great little Mainers, I’m sure!

        (I partially wrote this so I could type ‘Mainer’ because I never knew that was what you called them until 2 weeks ago.)

    • Margo

      Thanks, Feyi! It was an amazing, yet too-short visit! A great reason to return though, right?

  • One of my fav places EVER. We stayed at the AMC club at Echo Lake – brings me back and makes me want to get in the car and drive the 8hr journey RIGHT NOW! Hope you are well Margo!

    • Margo

      Ah! Go do it, girlfriend! What a crazy story that would be. “So.. my blogger friend totally me to get in my car and drive 8 hours to Bar Harbor on a whim. That was my Wednesday.”

  • So so pretty! I love Bar Harbor!

    • Margo

      Thanks my dear! I love your blog name too – super catchy! ;D

  • I would really like to visit Maine. That state is calling my name, and I desperately want to move to Portland. Loved your pictures!

    • Margo

      I think I heard it calling your name too… weird! 😉

      But really, go girl! You’d love it!

  • Bar Harbor is one of my favorite places in the world, and you just make me want to get back there right now with those gorgeous shots!

    • Margo

      I’m so flattered! As a frequent visitor you KNOW that Bar Harbor beauty, don’t you? If I can share just a fraction of that goodness with my pics then I’ll call that a win!

  • Shruti Gour

    Beautiful pictures! I live in Boston but have never made it to Bar Harbor. Your post has motivated me to plan a trip asap!

    • Margo

      woohoo! Go for it! AND let me know how it goes! ;D

  • Beautiful photos! Bar Harbor is a fantastic town. I only visited for a short time, but have dreamed of going back since!

    Kate |

  • We’ve spent a lot of time in Maine, but always in the Mid-Atlantic region. I’m really looking forward to the day we hit up Bar Harbour.

  • Beautiful photos! These really make me want to visit Maine!

  • How fun!! I’ve had my eye on Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park for a while and my recent trip to the southern coast of Maine made me want to visit there even more. Now after seeing your photos and reading about your adventure, I REALLY want to go, haha!! The food looks incredible and your kayaking trip sounds so awesome!! I’m definitely going to have to check that out. Hopefully next time you’ll get to see the sunrise 😉

  • So gorgeous! I visited with my family years ago and remember taking my mom’s cell phone out on the dock (looks extremely similar to the photo you posted) to touch base with my friends back home because it was the only place in town you could get a signal (and domestic roaming charges still existed). I feel so old, haha. I’d love to plan a trip back!