So nice, they named it twice! // Baden-Baden, Germany

So nice, they named it twice! // Baden-Baden, Germany


Presenting, Baden-Baden! In the foothills of the Black Forest, this spa town was highly recommended by friends in Heidelberg. I paid a visit on a bright, warm June weekend while Dan was still in Boston last summer. First heading to the visitors center just outside the downtown area. Here are a couple of quick facts I learned:

1. With a turbulent history, the town rose in popularity in the 1780s when the Prussian Queen visited to improve her health. The healing waters are still sought out today by the rich and famous.

2. The town is the setting for the book ‘Anna Karenina’, although the name was changed.

3. The double name is due to a 1931 decision to abbreviate ‘Baden in Baden’ which referenced the state of Baden.

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Near ‘Karhaus’ casino, I walked up to find a large group of people watching someone on the amphitheater stage. Figuring a performance was about to take place I grabbed a spot and waited for the show to start.

Ten minutes later, I realized that this man was a preacher giving a sermon on a Sunday morning. Was I expecting a juggler?

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The Lichtentaler Allee is a beautiful 2.3k path that meanders through the town. The entire path lays beside the river ‘Oos’, which is actually a shallow stream. With manicured lawns and gardens, you may feel as though you’re strolling the worlds most beautiful golf course. I started near the casino and headed towards the Goenneranlage rose garden. Lovely!

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After a nice visit to the gardens, I continued down the path. Enjoying the sunshine, I ended up wandering around for 2 hours. During that time I think I saw some of the nicest property in all of Germany. Not only houses, but cars! It’s not everyday you see a new Ferrari nearly t-bone a shiny new Audi.

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Dan and I are heading back to Baden-Baden in a few weeks to celebrate this 30th (!!) at the spa. The man will admit, he likes to be pampered!

Think you’d like to make a trip of your own to Baden-Baden?