A Weekend in Paris

A Weekend in Paris


And we’re off to one of my favorite cities in Europe – the city of light, love and croissants- Paris. We’ll be joining our friends to see the one and only JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in concert. Call me a tween but my heart might stop or I may just pass out when I finally see my lifelong crush is in full flesh and blood. I can’t handle it.  Follow me on insta for pics from his show. 


Aside from drooling over Justin (too much?), you can bet we’re going to be stuff ourselves with Pierre Herme macaroons and croissants, like last time and explore the city. Check out the custom google map I constructed to keep us on track. Many thanks to Paris in Four Months, MontgomeryFest, and Lady, Relocated for all the Parisian inspiration! 

This isn’t my typical peaks of the week post because hey – nothing I did this week can top what’s in store for the weekend. Happy Friday y’all!