A Quick Guide to Vienna (by Kasi!)

A Quick Guide to Vienna (by Kasi!)

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So you’re planning on visiting Vienna? That’s wonderful! It’s such a lovely city with great attractions that are guaranteed to satisfy, no matter what your interest are.

If you like Art Galleries:

Vienna has an abundance of art galleries of all sorts, so you’re in luck. The must visit place for you is going to depend on the kind of art that you are keen on seeing. Here are a couple of options:

1 | Albertina I might be biased, because I really enjoyed visiting this place, but it just has so much to offer! One of the biggest exhibitions that they had while I was visiting was “Monet to Picasso”. Needless to say, they had works of these two incredible painters displayed. You can also find works of Edgar Degas, Paul Signac, and Albrecht Dürer. This place is a must visit, in my opinion!

2 | Leopold Museum If you enjoy a more abstract form of art, then this will be a great place to visit. The highlight of this art gallery are the works of Egon Schiele, which I must admit are quite interesting.

3 | Mumok This gallery is something else! It consists entirely of modern art, which is something I know absolutely nothing about. We literally walked in and walked right out, but if modern art strikes your fancy then Mumok is perfect!

If you like Palaces:

Vienna has no shortage of palaces, so if that’s something that you are always on the lookout for then look no further!

1 | Belvedere This beautiful palace, that consists of Upper and Lower Belvedere, is located five minutes from the heart of Vienna. It’s really convenient to visit Belvedere, and it has a lot to offer. The Upper Belvedere is now an art gallery (bonus for those who enjoy art and palaces mixed together) which features the works of Gustav Klimt, and I am willing to bet that you’ve seen his paintings before even if you didn’t know who the artist was.

2 | Schönbrunn Palace If you like to walk through a palace and feel as though it’s still inhibited, then Schönbrunn is for you. All of the rooms that the Austrian royal family (young Maria Antonieta is probably the most well known one) occupied are intact, so you get the full experience. Very similar to the walk through of Versailles Palace in France, and it feels really authentic. There are also lovely gardens around the palace, so it’s worth to spend at least half a day there. It is located outside of Vienna, but a 20 minute subway ride can get you there without any problems.

If you like Museums:

Museums are awesome if you enjoy learning new things, and seeing some incredible artifacts. You’re in luck because Vienna has impressive museums, most of them located right in the centre of the city.

1 | Hofburg Palace Fun fact is that current president of Austria lives there, but apart form that it also hosts some interesting artifacts. It is a home to a great collection of medieval suits of armour, there are probably hundreds of different armours on display. Along with that there is also a collection of musical instruments, which is also very neat.

2| Kunsthistorisches Museum Which is also known as the museum of art. It features some amazing exhibits such as Egyptian, Ancient Greek, and Roman. On the upper level of the museum there is an extensive art collection that includes the works of Michelangelo, Pieter Bruegel, and Raphael among many others.

I hope that if/when you visit Vienna you will have a better idea of the kinds of places you’d like to go to! Have you been to Vienna? If so, have you been to any of these spots?

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