A Plea for Pastels // Varenna, Italy

A Plea for Pastels // Varenna, Italy

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The sun was out and by 9AM the lake was buzzing with glossy wooden motorboats. The storms had passed and all of us were ready for the sunshine and wide brimmed hats (maybe the latter was just me?). 

After drooling over Bellagio for the past few days, we opted to board the ferry towards the dreamy little town of Varenna – just visible from the northernmost rip of Bellagio. The ride was less than 30 minutes and watching the pastel lake towns reflect off the turquoise water made for a pleasant little scenic start to our day.  

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As Varenna grew closer we were all a bit surprised but just how petite the town actually was. Considering that it’s the easiest town on the lake to access from Milan via train and supposedly Rick Steves’ favorite base for exploring Lake Como, it’s pint sized. 

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Upon arrival we strolled to the center of town and embarked on Rick’s guided walk around the perimeter. Dan patiently read each paragraph while I dove in, lens first. It’s no surprise why Varenna is the most popular Lake Como location for fabulous celebrity weddings.  

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After an hour or so of wandering and your standard well-we’re-in-Italy-so-we-should-get-more-gelato stop, we made our way back to the dock for our return cruise to Bellagio. Our stroll led us passed perhaps the friendliest street painter I’ve ever met. Brushing dreamy pastels on white canvas and wearing a bright white smile, he seemed to magically capture the town. (Obviously so much better than I can do with my Canon!)

Varenna Lake Como Italy-36

Lucas and Lisa quickly nabbed their own scene of the Varenna’s little harbor while I did my best sales pitch to convince Dan we needed to take home our own as well. 

Varenna Lake Como Italy-37

Sighhh… sure, we didn’t need a painting of the nearby gardens but I reallllly wanted it… (Really drag out those letters if you want to hear my patented pleading voice.)

Varenna Lake Como Italy-38

I held up the painting and did my best to explain precisely where we’d hang it on the wall. “You know, in that blank space above the kitchen table? Right there… and it’ll really bring out the colors in the room.

…I mean, this guy is so nice…

…and when will ever be back here?”

Varenna Lake Como Italy-40

After my admittedly poor pitch he caved. When in Rome, right?

40E later she was our little beauty to take home! (And now indeed resides on the wall in the kitchen.)

Varenna Lake Como Italy-39

It seems that our dear painter rubbed his joyous demeanor off on us as we departed back for Bellagio with goofy grins. Varenna, in her unassuming size, is such a delight.

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