A Merry Belgian Christmas // Bruges, Belgium

A Merry Belgian Christmas // Bruges, Belgium


It’s here, it’s here! Christmas is here!

Our first Christmas away from all of our loves, Dan and I have big day ahead – Dan made a breakfast casserole, currently baking in the oven, and I can’t wait dive headfirst into that bacon, egg, cheesy potato delight. After breakfast we’re going to head down to Heidelberg’s Old Town with Stuart for a nice long walk. I’m lobbying that we wear Santa hats for the walk but we’ll see. Afterwards it’s going to be an afternoon of Christmas cookie baking, and a Christmas movie marathon. For dinner we’re going a little unconventional and heading off to a swanky Indian restaurant down the street that we’ve had our eye on since arriving. I’m so excited for our day even if we’re still thousands of miles from family, because we are a little family of our own and that makes me happy!

A few weeks ago Dan and I along with our two friends visiting from the States visited Bruges, Belgium. Known as ‘The Venice of Northern Europe’, this little town is absolutely, positively, picture-perfect charming! There are canals everywhere, it’s like a storybook. After touring around for the day we grabbed beers at an adorable pub on the canal and loaded with Christmas spirit, went around the table and shared our favorite Christmas memory. I think we can agree that Bryan takes the cake for the adorable award.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Naturally a little Belgian Christmas market action is in order if you visit during the holidays (anytime late November – just before Christmas). Of all the markets we visited this year, this might have been my favorite – cozy, charming, and beautiful.

Bruges01 Bruges02 Bruges03 Bruges04 IMG_2747 Bruges05 Bruges06 Bruges07

Ah, look how they’re laughing hysterically! (This is 100% staged)

Bruges09 Bruges10Bruges12 Bruges13 Bruges20 Bruges14 Bruges15 Bruges16 Bruges17 Bruges18 Bruges21