A Day in Dingle, Ireland

A Day in Dingle, Ireland

Dingle, IrelandSigh…

Dingle may very well be my favorite little town in Ireland, if not Europe (!). During our whirlwind tour of County Kerry we spent 24 glorious hours in Dingle that did nothing more than leave us wishing for 24 more.

It’s a simple town set near the tip of the self-named Dingle Peninsula on the Dingle Bay. The pastures are a vibrant bright green, the people are extra friendly and the Guinness is extra good. (By the way – the rumors are true, Guinness tastes lightyears better in Ireland.)Dingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandIn preparation for our visit I reached out to a friend who recently toured the area and recommended the Pax House. I can’t overstate my delight with this little B&B and wonderful owner, John. Wow. Remarkable views of the Dingle Bay (I swear I spotted Fungie!), beautiful rooms and an extraordinary breakfast. It’s one of the few hotels that actually had the ability to slow me down upon arrival – instead of wanting to drop my bags and scoot off to the sights, all I wanted to do was lounge around in the lovely sunroom and watch the sunset.**Dingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandOn top of the views, John’s cat Molly and pup Rio couldn’t be sweeter. Dan threw the ball with Rio in the backyard while I prepped for dinner (don’t tell Stuart).Dingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandAs the sun quietly started to sink across the bay I finally got our act together. Dan and I hopped in the car and raced up nearby Conor Pass to try and catch the last of the sunset.Dingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandConor Pass is in a league all it’s own, right?

Afterwards we coasted back down to downtown Dingle for dinner. A quintessential Irish town, seated along Dingle Bay the narrow streets are filled with cozy bars and restaurants, locals mingle in the streets and despite its interest in tourism it’s the fishing community that appears to plays the lead role. Unlike anywhere else I visited in Ireland, I felt as though I was an honest tourist in Dingle experiencing the authentic Irish countryside and culture as I had hoped to.Dingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandSitting a few hundred yards from the bay, Dan and I both opted for huge, marvelous platters of mussels… and, of course, more Guinness. Dingle, IrelandOne of our main reasons we had initially set out to visit Dingle was to hear the famous ‘Trad’ music unique to the Peninsula. Sounding to me like a mixture of bluegrass and polka, it’s tap your foot and wiggle kind of music. Locals know set dances to the familiar tunes and add to the entertainment as they twirl around.

As we left the restaurant music burst from the doors of nearly all the bars around us. We ducked into the one that was closest and spent the rest of night bopping to the beats. Dingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandDingle, IrelandNext time you’re in Ireland please, for the love of puppies, pay Dingle a visit! I’ll join you!!

**I know what you’re thinking but the truth is that Pax House doesn’t even know that I’m writing this post or that I have this little blog. I honestly just want you to stay at this place – I swear you’ll love it! 😀

  • Mar

    I love how green and lush everything looks! Gorgeous photos.

    • Thanks so much Mar! I loved the bright green hillsides too… quintessential Ireland, ya know?

  • What a beautiful and dreamy place – oh my, I just have to go to Ireland soon! And just how cute are the cows? 😀

    • Ha, I know right? I stepped out to take pictures and they all came walking over. I think they were looking for dinner, not paparazzi but I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  • It’s sooooo beautiful! Marking it down for the Ireland list 🙂

    • Zing! Glad to hear it! 😀

  • Adding it to my list!

  • Carina

    I would love to visit Ireland some day!! Dingle would make a wonderful day/weekend trip!
    Love the landscape. Your photos are gorgeous!! <3

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses

    • Thanks so much Carina! I definitely recommend Dingle for when you visit Ireland. I’m sure you’d absolutely adore it.. if I could sneak in your luggage when you go, I would!

  • So gorgeous! This is my kind of trip, smaller towns, stunning landscapes, amazing!

    • I am sure you and H would have a (for lack of a better phrase) whale of a time in Dingle!

      Have any plans to visit mainland Europe next year?

      (is that even a phrase?)

      • I totally call it mainland Europe ha. We are going to Amsterdam this Spring and who knows where our summer will take us!

        • Oh that’s right – your lavish month long summer holiday, I’m so envious! I vote you guys hit Greece this time, only for my selfish reasons of wanting to stalk all your pictures. 🙂

          • I like that idea! We visited Greece a few years ago and I would go back in a heartbeat just loved it there!

          • Ah, maybe Almalfi then? I’m nuts about Positano… so, SO pretty plus great hiking.

  • Amazing!! I can’t wait to get myself to Ireland!

    • Yay! I bet you’d absolutely positively LOVE it. 😀

  • I LOVED Dingle so so much!! It is one of our favorite places ever!! Did you drive all around the Peninsula? We loved it! Seemed SO lost in time!! Gotta love the people performing in the pubs!!

    • We sure did! The tour our the peninsula couldn’t be more picturesque, right? 😀 If I could sneak back to Dingle and never leave I just might!

  • Dingle looks lovely! I want to go back to Ireland so badly!

    • Lady bloggers Irish getaway 2k15? 😀

  • Ireland has been on my list for quite a while (hoping to go for St. Patrick’s Day!). What camera did you use to take these incredible photos? nomoneywilltravel.com

    • Ohhh boy, I bet St Patty’s there would be an absolute blast!

      I have a Canon 70d though most DSLR’s these days capture fantastic quality images. 🙂

  • i’ve never heard of dingle before, but it looks and sounds amaaazing. absolutely beautiful. 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

    • thanks so much dear! happy to share my pretty little visit! 🙂

  • Dingle looks so nice! I’m planning on going to Ireland next year and I can’t wait! It looks so beautiful over there!

    • It really has to be one of my favorite places in Europe – you’re going to have an amazing trip! Drink a few guinness’s for me!

  • I love reading your blog as it gives me so many travel ideas. I’ve only ever been to Dublin but I’d love to get a car and drive around the rest of Ireland.

    • Thanks so much Charlotte! Please, by all means, feel free to pack me along in your suitcase when you tour Ireland. Sounds amazing! 😀

  • What a lovely time! Tucking this one away as something to remember. There is a chance my Dad might be working in Ireland for 3-4 months next year and I’m aching to get over and visit him for some weekend trips around the country.

    • Oye! How fun would that be if he was just a short flight from you! Hope it all works out! 🙂

  • I spent last Christmas Day around Dingle. We had the most perfect weather! Loved it!

    • Bah! Christmas in Dingle – I bet that was wonderful! It was obviously VERY merry. 🙂

  • I still want to steal your yellow jacket. But hide it when I come over next! 😉 xo

    • You just hurry back to Heidelberg and maybe we can negotiate something. (Probably not but hurry back anyways!)

  • That sun room! I’ve only been to Dublin and have been dying to go back to Ireland, Dingle is officially now on my list of towns to visit!

    • Ah, rightfully so – you’re going to love it! 😀 Where else are you wanting to go?

  • Oh my goodness that sun room!! These are all stunning. Looks like the perfect place to retreat to after a long day!

    • Seriously – that sun room has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen! Cozy and warm, a cat purring on the couch, what more could a traveler want? 🙂 Sighh..

  • Beth

    It sounds like an utter dream! Thanks for putting it on my radar!

    • Oh, of course! When you do go, let me know, I might be interested to sneak in your suitcase and go back! 🙂

  • I immediately thought of the movie “Leap Year” when I saw the title of your post! After reading and looking at your photos, Dingle has officially been added to my itinerary for whenever I make the trip over to Ireland! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lileeanna

    Your photos look amazing! Thanks for the info about Dingle, I put it on my “What to see in Ireland” list right away! 😉