A day hike in the French Alps // Annecy, France

A day hike in the French Alps // Annecy, France


Have you ever been above a treeline? So high that it’s just you, the sky and mountain goats?


Awhile back Dan and I spent a long weekend in Annecy, France and headed up to the nearby Alps for a day of hiking. Although the signage identifying the trail could use some improvement (we accidentally did an hour long rock scramble) by the time we reached the summit we were overjoyed by the scenery around us.

Annecy_France_Alps-17 Annecy_France_Alps-8It was early Fall during our visit so the weather was still relatively moderate. As we walked along the ridge line passing clouds blew by us, reducing the visibility drastically, then dissolving quickly.

Brave mountain goats parted as we proceeded forward along their paths.Annecy_France_Alps-9 Annecy_France_Alps-10Annecy_France_Alps-4Annecy_France_Alps-27While Dan beamed with excitement, I can’t deny the queasiness I felt as I thought about our elevation. It was so stinking beautiful though so I pushed on despite my interests to descend.Annecy_France_Alps-15Annecy_France_Alps-21Annecy_France_Alps-13 Annecy_France_Alps-16 Annecy_France_Alps-18As we neared the top I began to question the hikers making their way down as to what we should expect. After learning that another rock scramble laid between us and the summit we decided that it’d be best to turn back. Stuart (half poodle, I should add) has all the energy in the world and can cuddle like a madman but not surprisingly lacks Alpine rock climbing skills. Annecy_France_Alps-26Annecy_France_Alps-14Annecy_France_Alps-22 Annecy_France_Alps-33 Annecy_France_Alps-25Annecy_France_Alps-24Annecy_France_Alps-34Almost back to the car, Stuart’s pace slowed and eventually he plopped himself down on a rock. Dan scooped him up and carried him the remainder of the descent. Our sweet little fluff ball was wiped and spent the entire ride home snoring loudly in the backseat. Dinner consisted of loads of carbs and, of course, red wine – we were in France after all!