5 Quick Tips for Well-Organized Group Travel

5 Quick Tips for Well-Organized Group Travel

Group Travel

Splitting bills, forgotten meeting points, and itinerary confusion- sometimes traveling in groups, even with your bests, can be exhausting both logistically and financially. Here are 5 tools to help make your group trip (whether it be with a friends or your family) as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

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1 | Pinterest Board (Prep)

Shared Pinterest Boards are one of the best ways to compile travel ideas and organize an effective route. Start with a loose plan, for my girlfriends and I we choose the French Riviera, and ask all those involved to start pinning their finds. Once the pinning is done, turn on the board’s map functionality and sift out the must’s and meh’s. In our case, we were able to easily add and nix towns from our itinerary after looking at their proximity to other destinations. 
Follow Margo Paige’s board Trip Planning | French & Italian Riviera on Pinterest.

2 | Google Maps (Prep)

After creating the shared Pinterest board, create a shared google map with all the chosen destinations added. Use the standard route function to square away the specifics and consult with your hotel or Airbnb Host for input on parking. Depending on your mode of transport, this will also help identify feasible stopovers. 

(See Casey’s post a great how-to on how to make a fancy google map like mine!)

3 | Google Document (Prep)

For the Type A planners like me, nothing beats a printable itinerary for everyone to reference throughout the trip identifying all the details: flight times, confirmation numbers, you name it. Include any additional notes (TripAdvisor suggestions, Instagram-worthy overlooks, etc.) here as well. Our group divided up the destinations and logistics so we could each tackle one piece of trip planning. As the driver, I was in charge of logistics- like the route and meet up times with our Airbnb hosts. The other gals grabbed a destination and served as our local guide upon arrival, it was perfect!

Google Trip Planning - Logisitics

4 | Splitwise (During)

The ultimate lifesaver, use splitwise.com (and their helpful app!) to split costs throughout the journey. For my girlfriends and I, it was SO much easier and faster for one person to pay the bill then update Splitwise with each of amount owed afterwards.


5 | Sharing Image Files (After)

Create a private facebook group or use a cloud service (like Amazon or Dropbox) to share images and videos. There’s nothing like a good ole instagram hashtag for quick reference on all the images shared over social media either! My girls and I we choose #RiveraRendevous 

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What other tools do you use to stay organized during travel?

This tools are not sponsored, just great resources that I had to share!