5 Must-See Tourist Attractions in London (by Sara!)

5 Must-See Tourist Attractions in London (by Sara!)

There are so many attractions in London – here are the 5 BEST that you just have to see!

Hey y’all! I’m Sara from Bristol In My Pocket. Born and raised in Texas, I packed my bags and moved to England a year ago to fulfill my crazy travel fantasies!

Over the past year I’ve discovered something many people might not agree with: The best way to understand a destination is to visit its biggest tourist attractions. I know, I know. Most travelers will tell you the best way to understand a destination is to ‘do as the locals do’. Which is also true! But tourist attractions are tourist attractions for a reason. They are there to showcase the best of your destination’s history, culture, and pride. So why avoid that?

London has so much to offer. From food to theatre to shopping, it can get pretty overwhelming. Over the past year I have visited countless attractions in London, some of which I was impressed with, others not so much. So here is a list of my top 5 favorite tourist attractions in London, and why you should visit them!

1 | Tower of London

Built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, the Tower of London has been a palace and a prison for almost one thousand years. The Tower is home to some of England’s most fascinating history. Not only is it the execution site of Anne Boleyn, it’s also used to house the monarchy’s crown jewels today! Personally, the Tower of London is MY favorite attraction in all of London. With almost a thousand years of history, there’s bound to be something there that catches your fancy!

2 | The Shard

Standing 87 floors tall, the Shard offers the highest viewing platform in all of London. Its 360-degree view of London provides you with a sense of the city’s beauty and size. Not to mention, you can have champagne while standing in the tallest building in London! Make sure to book your tickets in advance and pray for a clear day!

3 | Westminster Abbey

Besides the location of some of the world’s most famous wedding ceremonies, Westminster Abbey is also home to countless English monarchs. Henry VII, Richard III, and Elizabeth I to name a few. Westminster Abbey has been the center of English religion since before the reformation, and its importance is obvious when stepping through the doors. The only down side? You can’t take pictures!

4 | The London Eye

Some tourist attractions can be a hit or miss, depending on when you go. My first visit to the London Eye was okay. The long lines and packed pods weren’t really my cup of tea. However, when I took my family at sunset a few months ago my experience was transformed! See London glow with lights and watch the sun set behind Parliament. The London Eye at sunset is the way to do it!

5 | Warner Brothers Studio: The Making of Harry Potter

I’d be lying if I said Harry Potter didn’t have some sort of influence on my obsession with England growing up. My childhood was filled with reading the books and watching the movies. The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Brothers Studio made this 23-year-old feel like a kid again. It’s… like… magic.