5 Cities You Need to See in Germany (with Kate!)

5 Cities You Need to See in Germany (with Kate!)

Germany has so many amazing cities that it can be hard to know which to pick, so here’s my top 5 must see cities in Germany to help you plan your trip!

Hey guys! I’m Kate from Relokate, a blog all about my life after quitting my job in England to travel around Europe. Since I left almost three years ago, I’ve lived an unscripted lifestyle, moving from Amsterdam to Zakynthos to Paris to Frankfurt with my travel partner in crime (my husband, Dan) and the urge to share our story. Today I want to share 5 must see cities in Germany to visit, based on our explorations of this beautiful country! 

1 | Cologne

Cologne Love Lock Bridge

Cologne was our first city trip in Germany (outside of Frankfurt) and we spent 4 hours travelling by train just to get there! We also only stayed for the day, which was not nearly enough time (especially as we went during Gay Pride, which made it even more amazing), so give yourself a weekend to explore. Be sure to check out the chocolate museum, the cathedral (if you come in by train, you can’t miss it as it’s directly outside the main station), the love lock bridge, the Christmas market if you go in December AND for a true German experience, visit the city during Fasching, Germany’s nationwide carnival.

2 | Munich


Munich in the summer will always be a fond memory of mine. If you find yourself in Munich, make sure you take a visit to the Englischer Garten for kilometre after kilometre of gorgeous parks to stroll around. I recommend grabbing yourself an ice cream and clearing your schedule the day you visit the gardens! Munich also has a fantastic night life, so be sure to save money (and room) for cocktails and a trip around their infamous beer houses (I recommend the Hofbräuhaus!).

3 | Hamburg


Hamburg is a harbour city with a lot of character and many nooks and crannies to explore. One of my favourite parts of the weekend we spent in Hamburg last year was visiting the Minatur Wonderland which is home to miniature versions of most major cities in the world. It even had a miniature airport with flying planes! Aah, it was just too cool! Before checking out Hamburg’s red light district, you should take advantage of their public transport system which allows you to travel (regularly) by boat!

4 | Berlin

Berlin Wall

I. Love. Berlin. It’s easily my favourite city in Germany and it would also make my 5 must see cities in Europe if I made such a list! I think one of my favourite experiences in 2014 was visiting The Berlin Wall and although it was a little crazy, we spent a New Years Eve in Berlin that we’ll never forget! You need at least 3 days in Berlin and even then you won’t see all it has to offer, but you’ll certainly want to give it a good go! I recommend avoiding using public transport when in the city centre of Berlin as it’s the best way to spot the city’s many quirks.

5 | Frankfurt


Frankfurt is what I would class as an “up and coming” city on this list because it’s got a lot of potential and has really been coming into it’s own during the last few years. I may also be a little biased as I live here, but I don’t know anybody doesn’t like Frankfurt after visiting! The city isn’t bursting at the seams with historic monuments or museums, but it’s a fantastic city if you’re interested in photography (the old versus new contrasts are pretty extreme!), shopping, good eats and everything within walking distance.

Have you been to Germany? Any cities you’d add to the list?!

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Kate from Relokate