20 Perfect One Week European Itineraries

20 Perfect One Week European Itineraries

20 One Week Europe Trips + Packing List

20 Perfect One Week Europe Trips - The Overseas EscapeThinking about going to Europe but haven’t a clue as to where to start? Considering gastronomy, scenery, culture, ease of transit and loads of other factors here are 20 amazing 1 week itineraries for seeing the best of Europe! Pair them together if you have more time (lucky you!).

>> Updated: June 2016 with more suggestions, lodging recommendations & helpful links! Enjoy!


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One of my favorite cities in Europe, Lisbon, is bursting with culture, great food, incredibly charming streets -the list goes on and on- there’s so much to see and taste within the city you’ll be hard-pressed to pick your favorites. Not far away, the UNESCO town of Sintra is a beautiful and worthy day trip. Take a 3 hour train south to Faro, in the Algarve region world-renowned for it’s food and positively stunning seaside (ranked with some of the best beaches in the world). Carry on by bus to Seville for an immersion into a world of tapas, sangria and flamenco. Don’t miss Giralda Tower and Plaza de Espana.



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Budapest has quickly become a favorite destination with travelers worldwide with it’s tangible culture and beautiful architecture. Take a night cruise along the Danube for amazing views of the city bathed in uplighting and be sure to visit the famous Szechenyi baths. Move on to the small UNESCO town of Cesky Krumlov, in the Czech Republic, then move on to the uber-romantic city of Prague. Walking the Charles Bridge at sunset is a memory you’ll cherish forever. Also be sure to feast on a few sugary hot donuts, called trdelniks, sold on the street.

Best of Prague (Post)-1- Margo Paige - The Overseas Escape


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Arrival in French-styled Geneva, seated on Europe’s largest glacier lake, visitors are immediately struck by the clarity of the crystal clear waters. The lingering Alps reflected brightly off the lake while Geneva vies as one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities. Move on to Interlaken and Lucerne for everything from hiking in the Alps, ski diving to chocolate tasting. Ideal for outdoor and photography lovers. By train, Geneva to Interlaken: 4hr 30 min then Interlaken by way of Lucerne to Zurich: 2 hr 46 min.



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Mention traveling to Santorini to anyone and you’ll quickly find them green with envy. Rightfully so! This famed Greek island is a stunner with the jaw-dropping caldera, seaside cliffs formed by a volcano, white villages and bright blue med. It’s a photographer’s dream come true (speaking from personal experience here!). Be sure to visit Oia at sunset to get the max wow-factor. Afterwards take the 1.5 hour high speed ferry to nearby Crete for a taste of road-less-traveled island culture in the beautiful seaside towns of Chania and Rethimno.


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Offering far more than Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall, Berlin has become an eclectic city full of artists and creatives. Offering everything from partying in an abandon-then-reclaimed train station called Cassiopeia, a vibrant weekend scene at Mauer Park with food vendors and live music, or strolls the gardens of Potsdam. Move on to the canals of Amsterdam for amazing Dutch food, fantastic museums and the always conversation-worthy Red Light District. A day spent biking through the Dutch countryside is one you won’t forget either. Great for history, museum and culture lovers (party goers too, if that’s what you want!). By train: 6 hr 21 min.



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Leaping from the pages of a love story, strolling the sepia streets of Florence is a true romantic’s destination. After visiting the towering David and Il Duomo, catch a day trip (or overnight in Sienna) to nearby Tuscany for the world’s best cuisine and picturesque rolling countryside. Hop a 1hr 30 min train south to Rome and feast scenes of the Roman forum, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Conclude each day with gelato and you’ve got undoubtedly the most delicious one week trip of your life (or at least that I can think of).
Rome Photo Diary & Rome Photo Diary 2

Rome vs. Barcelona (Pros & Cons for deciding which is better for you!)

Rome Eating Italy Food Tour Review


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Arriving in Munich, allot at least a few days to enjoy beer at the famous Hofbrahaus, see the surfers in the English Gardens and a tour of the beautiful Residenz. Add in a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle and you’ve got Bavaria in a nutshell. An easy train connection south to Romeo and Juliet’s Verona and the surrounding vineyards. Wrap up the trip in impossibly-beautiful Venice, bar none one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Tip: Avoid Venice June-August and you’ll love it, otherwise you’ll be battling other tourists for rides in the gondolas. Total train travel time, Munich to Venice: 8hr 35min.


8 | Western Ireland Road Trip

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Start your road trip with a pint in Killarney – go for a a morning kayak tour on Lake Killarney or hop on the famous scenic Ring of Kerry loop. Afterwards head north to my favorite little village in Europe: Dingle for a few days of sea breezes, trad music and extra fresh and tasty mussels. (Say hi to the local dolphin, Fungie, for me!) Continue north to the Cliffs of Moher and vibrant city of Galway. Great for active travelers and anyone who had a taste for Guinness.

Killarney: Airbnb 1 & Airbnb 2 || The Fairview & Old Weir Lodge

Dingle: Airbnb 1 & Airbnb 2 || 

Doonshean View Bed and Breakfast & Pax House (My Favorite B&B in Europe!)

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

9 | Lake Como + Swiss Alps

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Fly into Milan and hop the train towards George Clooney’s stunning stomping grounds – Lake Como. Not much beats the picture perfect scene of the bright blue lake with pastel lake villages below the snow-capped Alps. For easy train connections, explore Varenna and be crash in the beautiful town of Bellagio. After gorging on pasta and wine, head north into the Alps to St. Moritz for fantastic hiking in the summer or world-class skiing in the winter. 

welp, news to no one: bellagio is a gem and I want to live here forever ? A photo posted by Margo (@margo.paige) on

10 | Costa Del Sol + Cordoba

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Settle into the good life on the Costa Del Sol at the absolutely charming beach town of Nerja. Expect drool-worthy tapas and sangria, lots of sunshine and a beautiful walkable old town. Move on to the famous city of Cordoba with the beautiful Mezquita, winding streets and peaceful plazas. If you’re up for a quicker pace, throw in a visit to Granada’s Alhambra! 



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Easy train connections connect the romantic city of lights, a charming Belgian village with endless varieties of brew, and a beautiful canalled city on water. Beaming with museums, great food and nightlife this itinerary is ideal for culture-lovers and foodies and ideal any time of the year. Remember to pack your camera to capture that quintessential European architecture and comfortable shoes for long strolls through winding narrow streets.



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Wine, castles and Parisian delights are photographer’s and foodie’s dreams come true. A one hour bullet train connects the joys of Paris (Mona, Moulin Rouge, Eiffel) with rolling, fertile fields riddled with chateaus and rivers. Make Amboise your base for convenience to all the sights in the Loire Valley while Chateaux East of Tours is sighted as being the best. Plan a visit in early fall to catch the peak of the wine harvest otherwise shoot for outdoor-appropriate weather the majority of the year.



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Imagine sweeping views of provencal lavender fields, the most picturesque Instagram-worthy villages and touring one of the world’s most luxurious cities. Sigh. A trip for those that like to be on the go, the French Riviera is filled with too many destinations to name and delightfully convenient to the beaches (and airport!) of Villefrance-Sur-Mer, outside of Nice. Navigate to your favorite destinations, like Eze, by train or rent a car to find your way into sleepy, romantic French villages.

Grab my full day by day itinerary to the French Riviera here: Lavish Escape

A Day in Villefranche Sur Mer

Exploring La Turbie (just outside of Monaco)

Highlights of the French Riviera (Photo Diary)


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Munich isn’t just the capital of Oktoberfest, Germany’s famed beer-infused funfest, but is perhaps one Europe’s most beautiful cities, filled with history, culture and that quintessential German architecture. Hop the train south to Mozart’s Salzburg, recounting the steps of The Sound of Music. Take a day trip from pastels of the charming old town to perhaps the charming little lake village of Hallstatt. (So beautiful, in fact, that a fake Hallstatt, replicating every last building and street, was built in China!).



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One of Europe’s most vibrant cities, home of the Kate and Fish & Chips, London is an all around favorite. The list of sights ranges from sipping high tea to exploring offbeat Camden Town. Don’t let the rumors fool you, food here is fantastic, especially Indian (really!). Later, hop a train to one of the world’s oldest universities, Oxford. Touring scenes from Harry Potter and enjoy strolling the narrow alleys in the pedestrian friendly town center. An ideal trip for fans of history, culture and food and perfect year-round.



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The chaotic mess of the most historic city of Europe combined with the coastal destination of the stars, this ying-yang duo is a favorite for history-lovers, foodies, photographers, and those looking for brag-worthy stories and pictures. Watch your wallet as you visit the Colosseum, Vatican and gorge at the home of pasta, then take the train south to the jagged cliffs of Amalfi for leisurely seaside lunches, hiking and swimming in the bright blue Med. Aim for early or late summer for picture perfect weather and to avoid other tourists.

Grab my full day by day itinerary to Positano, Capri & Rome here: Darling Escape

The Path of the Gods: Positano

Hotel Pupetto Hotel Review

Rome Photo Diary & Rome Photo Diary 2

Rome vs. Barcelona (Pros & Cons for deciding which is better for you!)

Rome Eating Italy Food Tour Review



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Vibrant culture, Spanish gastronomy, natural beauty, and stunning architecture, Andalusia has it all, plus some. Starting in Sevilla, home of Europe’s 3rd largest old town, get lost in the narrow streets and seek refuge in a giant pitcher of sangria. Moving on to the cliffside white village of Ronda, a summer escape for Hemingway, enjoy hiking through the gorge or wander to a cafe for traditional churros and chocolate. Granada, home to UNESCO-protected Alhambra, was home to royalty for centuries and is now considered one of the most spectacular structures in the entire world. Culture-lovers, foodies, photographers should visit in Spring or Fall to avoid the summertime heat. Here are the exact details for the itinerary. Considering visiting in May to enjoy the fun of La Feria seen below!
Europe_Best_Itineraries-6 alahambra16


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If you’re in search of the world’s best gelato, famed artwork, an infamous lean and jaw dropping seaside villages then this is it! Enjoy sights like the David and the Birth of Venus in the midst of the cobbled stone, savoring gelato and culture in one big gulp. Then head west for a quick visit to Pisa’s Leaning Tower so you can capture a few of those delightfully cheesy hold-up-the-tower shots, finally continue on to the five seaside villages that make Cinque Terre. Here you’ll have the choice of visiting each along a challenging but beautiful footpath or via train. Each village has it’s own delectable personality so good luck choosing your favorite! Great spring to fall for those that like to be active and enjoy photography and culture.



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ILet’s be honest, Prague may very well be the prettiest of all European cities. In the Old Town, an enchanting maze of pedestrian alleys through historic baroque buildings unfolds on to the river and famous Charles Bridge. Across the way Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral stand proudly. Taking the train south, Vienna, in it’s proud Habsburg history, continues the beautiful scene. The sprawling pedestrian-only city center is filled with elegant plazas and classical music. Great year-round for history, culture, music and photography lovers. Consider a visit in December to experience Europe’s favorite Christmas markets.



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Kick off the visit with Gaudi’s pride and the most popular tourist sight in all of Spain, La Sagrada Familia then get lost in the alleys and nightlife of El Born. Barcelona is enjoyable year-round, famed for sunshine and tasty tapas. Take a day trip to nearby Montserrat, a monastery nestled in the scenic mountainside inland then head north towards Costa Brava to Salvador Dali’s hometown, the picturesque village of Cadaques. Great for food and cultures lovers. If you want to take advantage of the beach scope out a trip from late spring to mid fall.

Barcelona: Airbnb 1 & Airbnb 2 || K+K Hotel PicassoH10 Port Vell

Costa Brava (Cadaques): Airbnb 1 & Airbnb 2 || Hotel UbaldoHotel Llane Petit


My sources? Rick Steves’ Guides, Trip Advisor forums, Eurorail & my personal travels!

Instead of putting together your trip from scratch, follow my new Escape Guides. One week guides for experiencing the BEST of Europe! Head to over to the shop for all the details!

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    • Hi Ryan, I’m sorry you didn’t find the post helpful. As a fellow European expat, I receive emails daily asking for advice on itinerary building and have repeatedly observed travelers planning to do the London-Paris-Barcelona routine in the matter of a week. My goal here was to identify practical one-week itineraries that would help vacationers better enjoy what Europe has to offer.

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    • February can be nice and sunny and there can be loads of snow in the alps. If snow and sun is a lovley combination for you, go to Munich, Salzburg and Vienna. Anyhow you should add Berlin for culture, musicals, shopping and affordable eating. Since Dec 17, the Natural History Museum shows a complete skeletal of T Rex dinosaur, there a many things to do in Berlin. I am native from Munich by the way, but Berlin is always worth a travel.

      • I totally agree – February is a great time to visit cities with great indoor attractions, Vienna, Munich, and Berlin topping the list along side London and Paris. If you’re a skier you could also consider heading to Geneva then skiing at Mont Blanc! 😀

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    • heresmyopinion

      Hey! I went on a self-guided Iberian tour October last year. I made the itinerary myself: Madrid – Barcelona – Granada – Seville – Algarve Coast – Porto – Lisbon. We had many day trips too: Toledo and Consuegra from Madrid one day, Avila and Segovia on another day. From Barcelona, it was a day trip to Montserrat. From Sevilla, a day trip to Cordoba. On the drive from Porto to Lisbon we passed by Coimbra, Fatima and Ericeira. From Lisbon we went on a day trip to Sintra and on our last day we drove to Cabo da Roca and Obidos. If you’re interested in any of those segments, message me on FB (Ging Saldajeno).

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            Yea. It’s a common thing that you might ask another tourist when you asking for direction(in Amsterdam). You can buy transportation pass there for about 20 euro for one week that can be used for tram and train from the airport to amsterdam. If you want to include package with museum and everything, check out I amsterdam. Then, I went to London by bus from Sloterdijk station. The journey takes about 8 to 10 hours I guess. It cost about 20 euros. I highly recommend ClinkNOORD hostel in Amsterdam. It was a great place to stay. I brought 500 euros and 200 pound for the trip, it was more than enough that I waste it on London eye, Eiffel tower and some marijuana. It was a good experience and I hope you enjoy your trip.

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  • 1 | LISBON + FARO + SEVILLE – This trip really desrves the first place in your list 😉 The trip along the coast could be a great adventure iself, even if you’re traveling by bus or by train (driving a cenvertible is much more enjoyable).

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    We are coming from Dubai.

    • Sarah

      Make sure you schedule to stay over night in Lucerne, Switzerland! That was my only regret- we did a day trip on our way from Zurich to Bern (also cities worth staying over night in) and I was blown away by the beautiful views and the history of this city. There’s a modern area but be sure to seek out the medieval parts.

    • Tanya Claire

      Hi. We were in Paris and Switzerland this past summer (along with 2 other countries). You can train between Paris to Basel. I suggest staying in the Interlaken area. You can train everywhere you want to go. Get the Swiss Travel Pass. Unless you don’t go sightseeing at all, the Pass is worth it. It includes almost all trains, lake cruises, funicular trains, a couple gondolas, some museums, castles, etc… Join this forum. They are wonderful and you’ll be prepared. …. http://www.myswissalps.com . Paris is a whole other subject. But I love, love, love Paris. The Paris museum Pass is worth it if you want to see museums,
      Versailles, etc. Do the Le’Open (sp?) Hop on Hop off. Have the most stops and can get a multiple days pass… Eat in the Latin Quarter! Have so much fun!

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  • Yay for Provence! If anyone wants to come here, consider coming to the Bouches du Rhone region, what I consider the real Provence. Very different to the Cote d’Azur. More like the Tuscany of France. All these trips look great!

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    • Sabine de Weijer

      Land in Düsseldorf, Berlin to Salzburg to Innsbruck.
      . Then on to Venice. I would fly in. European flights are pretty cheap, try Ryanair. Depending how you want to travel. You can use trains. Every city needs at least two full days. Venice no cars. But you can fly in from any city and take the train to whereever. The train to Florence is easy and I would recommend that city as a last stop . Its easy to get around and a ton of stuff to do in and out of the city. Good luck.

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          I missed that you only stay 10 days. Remember that coming in and out from Europe will cost you 2 days. So the itinerary will be too much and you will end up being exhausted and not see much . You will either have to extend or cut . If Germany is your thing, spend more time there. When I fly in anywhere, I stay 3 nights on account of jet lag . Düsseldorf is the fashion capital and a great city to explore. All of the cities are great ofcourse but if you must have Austria, I’d go for Innsbruck as it is prettier, fly to Venice . Then use the bus boats into the city two night minimum. Train to Florence. It’s a must to any first trip. It’s no use just skipping by and lose the sense of the culture. If you don’t have time, concentrate on Germany and Italy, rent a car, drive around, then fly straight to Venice.

    • justanothergirl

      I’d recommend flying into Munich, staying there for a couple of days, then taking a train into Austria and spending a couple of days in the cities of your choosing, then on to Milan or Venice, whichever you’d prefer. They’re all fairly close together and the train system is great.

  • Stephanie Taylor

    Greetings! Would love your suggestion on the following: My daughter is performing in Salzburg and Vienna for a symphony June 2018. My cousin and I travelling separate would like to fly out and hit those two spots in Austria, definitely Bern Switzerland because of genealogy and our ancestors starting there, and maybe Italy. If Germany worked in there – great. Open to whatever we can squeeze in about 8-10 days! Thank you! I’ve never been outside of US so I have no idea where to even start!

    • justanothergirl

      As someone currently living in Europe, goeuro.com is great for seeing different travel methods and their prices and time lengths. As long as you’re okay only spending a couple of days at each location, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy are doable in that time period — Milan or Venice for Italy would be the closest to your other travel locations.

      Trains and buses (flixbus is one budget company) will probably be the cheapest ways to get around since you’ll be there in summer, but there’s an off chance you might be able to find a really cheap flight with ryanair or easyjet.

  • Vic Ollada

    Hi. We’re planning a one week Europe tour starting or ending in Munich. Any suggestion for a second city to visit? We’re thinking Lucern due to flight costs. We’re flying in from Toronto. Is one way car rental recommended as well? I’m travelling with 2 kids and 2 seniors.

    • elyce

      I didn’t write this article, but I visited Munich a few years ago, and we did Vienna and Salzburg (actually, we did Salzburg in a day on the way to Vienna). Plus, Vienna is also within an hour by train of Bratislava (though we took the boat down the Danube, just for a dinner trip, and the train back that same night). Vienna is also pretty close to Budapest. Trains are probably going to be cheaper than planes, unless you’re flying EasyJet or something.

    • justanothergirl

      Also not my article, but I’m currently living in Germany. If you’re going in the off season, budget airlines will have extremely cheap flights. Otherwise, the Deutsche Bahn trains are always clean and not too expensive. Austria, Switzerland, and Italy are all going to be within a reasonable distance for you. Good luck planning, and have fun!

  • kate mccutchin

    i just wanted to say how wonderful and helpful this is!!!

  • Adelfo Armas

    You all say wonderful things about this. Why don’t we all go out and travel together?!

  • 5 | BERLIN + AMSTERDAM looks interesting. Adding Brussels (2.5 hours by bus) would make this trip even better (in case you enjoy belgian waffles, of course ;))

    • Christian DeKnock

      I loved Brussels when I went, but not enough to go out of my way for it. I did Amsterdam>Paris and Brussels was an obvious stopping point.

  • Steve

    Going to Europe for the first time for our 30th wedding anniversary in late summer. Looking for ideas on a 3 city itinerary over 8 days with Paris being one of the cities. Once in Europe we want to travel by rail to wherever we decide. We want the trip to be relaxing, not a whistle-stop trip trying to cram anything and everything we can into the journey. We are not big on the tourist traps and would typically seek out the back country places even here in the US.

    • Rebecca McCoy

      Hi Steve –
      I’m looking to do the same thing so I would love to know if you’ve gotten any replies and suggestions?
      Happy Travels!

    • Wahlflower

      I’d say stay in France. Go visit Normandy and spend some time in le mont saint michel. Otherwise you’ll spend too much time traveling and not enough seeing.

    • Christian DeKnock

      I just basically did a 10-day trip with Paris being the centerpoint. You are absolutely right that whistle-stopping isn’t the right way to go: I crammed 5 cities in 10 days and was rightfully exhausted halfway through.

      I’d do Paris, Bruges/Ghent, and Amsterdam. I think she even has this itinerary listed above and I can’t say enough about how great it is. Don’t even consider London if you don’t like tourist traps.

      Forget the stereotypes about Amsterdam if that turns you off, because the city stands alone on its beauty.

  • Apple Musni

    Hi there,

    Your article on the one week overseas escapes is amazing! I am planning a last minute trip from Los Angeles either the first or second week of March and is as wondering which itinerary you would recommend based on this time and potentially weather implications. We really wanted to do Iceland but it looks to be snowing a ton between now and when we wanted to leave. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Thank you so much!


  • Witney Baah

    Hey girl,
    I am planning a trip from Athens to Santorini to Crete. I got the idea to island hop from your posting. Do you know what companies would have ferries operating from Santorini to Crete?


    Hi, I am planning a 1 week trip to Europe for my Dad’s retirement party (Mid-June). We will be landing in Paris and want to visit Switzerland as well. Any suggestions on the itinerary? I do not want to cram a lot of cities and want it to be a little laid back.

    Another question I have is mode of transportation. We will be a group of 6 adults and 1 toddler. Does it make sense to use the train? The cost seems to be sky-rocketing because of the number of folks.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  • Jordan hunt

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