10 Must See Places in ICELAND (by Kaelene!)

10 Must See Places in ICELAND (by Kaelene!)

10_must_see_Iceland - http://unlockingkiki.comHi everyone! I am Kaelene from Unlocking Kiki where you will find me blogging about my life in Iceland and the adventures it throws my way. Iceland, random right? Don’t worry I have a perfectly good reason for moving up to almost the north pole. I fell for a Viking, end of reason.

Now that I have been living in my Vikings homeland for almost a year I have learned one very important thing, Iceland is a stunning country! So if you have made the wise decision to give my isolated adopted home a visit here are 10 places you won’t want to miss!

1. The Golden Circle
Geysir - http://unlockingkiki.comGullfoss - http://unlockingkiki.comThe Golden Circle is one of the most popular tourist routes and for good reason! An easy day trip from Reykjavik, the 300 km loop has three main stops. The national park Þingvellir, Gullfoss one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see, and my favorite stop, the Geysir! This trip is a perfect sample of Icelandic nature and great for those who are short on time and want to pack the most into their trip.

2. Landmannalaugar
LandmannalaugarLandmannalagurLandmannalaugar If you are a hiking enthusiast you will want to be sure to pack your hiking boots and spend a day exploring Landmannalaugar. By far my favorite place in Iceland, Landmannalaugar is a popular hiking destination offering several trails all with breathtaking scenery. The colors of the landscape at Landmannalaugar look like they are straight from a painting!

3. Hveragerði
Hveragerði - http://unlockingkiki.comFancy a true Icelandic style adventure? Take a short hike just outside of Hveragerði to the hot spring called Rekjadalur. Complete your hike with a soak in the hot spring, preferably with an Icelandic beer and under the midnight sun.

4. Gjáin
Gjáin - http://unlockingkiki.comGjáin - http://unlockingkiki.com Described to me as “the most beautiful place in Iceland”, Gjáin is a hidden Icelandic gem. Very few tourist ever visit Gjáin, I myself didn’t even know this place existed until a few months ago! When you arrive you will feel like you have stepped into a fairytale, a perfect place for a picnic break during a day of exploring Iceland.

5. The Glacier Lagoon
The Glacier Lagoon - http://unlockingkiki.comGlacier Lagoon - http://unlockingkiki.comIt’s not everyday you get to visit a glacial lake filled with large icebergs floating around! If you visit during the summer months you can take a boat tour around the lagoon and sample some of the freshest water straight off the icebergs. Keep an eye out for some adorable seals, if your lucky you will see them swimming around the icebergs.

6. South Coast
South Coast- http://unlockingkiki.comsouth coast - http://unlockingkiki.comBlack sand beaches, waterfalls everywhere you look, stunning landscapes that have you in constant awe, all that you need for an unforgettable road trip! Be sure to bring lots of snacks and your rain gear, there are very few stores along the way and you never know when a rain storm will arrive!

7. Snæfellsnes Stykkishólm - http://unlockingkiki.comSnaefellsnes - http://unlockingkiki.com Picture this, your driving down the road with the ocean on one side, dozens of small waterfalls running off the mountains on the other, and glaciers in the near distance waiting to be explored. This is exactly what you get when you visit the Snæfellsnes peninsula! An added bonus, all the small fishing towns you will pass, they are the most charming little towns and are perfect for a relaxing place to stay while in Iceland.

8. Glymur
Iceland - http://unlockingkiki.comGlymur - http://unlockingkiki.comFancy a hike while your visiting Snæfellsnes? A hike back to the second tallest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur, will more than satisfy your hiking needs! The views along the way make this hike a must do!

9. The Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon - http://unlockingkiki.comBlue Lagoon - http://unlockingkiki.comOne simply can’t visit Iceland without taking a dip in this stunning blue water and pampering themselves to a relaxing spa day. Your going to need it after all the hiking you have done during your trip in Iceland.

10. Reykjavik Reykjavik - http://unlockingkiki.comA trip to Iceland isn’t complete without spending a day in the quirky capital city. Head over to my blog now for a one day itinerary for Reykjavik and learn more about this charming small city I now call home!

Want to learn more about this unique country I am living in? Check out my Iceland page and spark your desire to visit Iceland even more!

Sjáumst and bless bless

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