10 Amazing One Week European Itineraries

10 Amazing One Week European Itineraries

10 One Week Europe Trips + Packing List

Thinking about going to Europe but haven’t a clue as to where to start? Considering gastronomy, scenery, culture, ease of transit and loads of other factors here are 10 amazing 1 week itineraries for seeing the best of Europe! Pair them together if you have more time (lucky you!).


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Easy train connections connect the romantic city of lights, a charming Belgian village with endless varieties of brew, and a beautiful canalled city on water. Beaming with museums, great food and nightlife this itinerary is ideal for culture-lovers and foodies and ideal any time of the year. Remember to pack your camera to capture that quintessential European architecture and comfortable shoes for long strolls through winding narrow streets.



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Wine, castles and Parisian delights are photographer’s and foodie’s dreams come true. A one hour bullet train connects the joys of Paris (Mona, Moulin Rouge, Eiffel) with rolling, fertile fields riddled with chateaus and rivers. Make Amboise your base for convenience to all the sights in the Loire Valley while Chateaux East of Tours is sighted as being the best. Plan a visit in early fall to catch the peak of the wine harvest otherwise shoot for outdoor-appropriate weather the majority of the year.



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Imagine sweeping views of provencal lavender fields, the most picturesque Instagram-worthy villages and touring one of the world’s most luxurious cities. Sigh. A trip for those that like to be on the go, the French Riviera is filled with too many destinations to name and delightfully convenient to the beaches (and airport!) of Villefrance-Sur-Mer, outside of Nice. Navigate to your favorite destinations, like Eze, by train or rent a car to find your way into sleepy, romantic French villages.

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Munich isn’t just the capital of Oktoberfest, Germany’s famed beer-infused funfest, but is perhaps one Europe’s most beautiful cities, filled with history, culture and that quintessential German architecture. Hop the train south to Mozart’s Salzburg, recounting the steps of The Sound of Music. Take a day trip from pastels of the charming old town to perhaps the charming little lake village of Hallstatt. (So beautiful, in fact, that a fake Hallstatt, replicating every last building and street, was built in China!).



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One of Europe’s most vibrant cities, home of the Kate and Fish & Chips, London is an all around favorite. The list of sights ranges from sipping high tea to exploring offbeat Camden Town. Don’t let the rumors fool you, food here is fantastic, especially Indian (really!). Later, hop a train to one of the world’s oldest universities, Oxford. Touring scenes from Harry Potter and enjoy strolling the narrow alleys in the pedestrian friendly town center. An ideal trip for fans of history, culture and food and perfect year-round.



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The chaotic mess of the most historic city of Europe combined with the coastal destination of the stars, this ying-yang duo is a favorite for history-lovers, foodies, photographers, and those looking for brag-worthy stories and pictures. Watch your wallet as you visit the ColosseumVatican and gorge at the home of pasta, then take the train south to the jagged cliffs of Amalfi for leisurely seaside lunches, hiking and swimming in the bright blue Med. Aim for early or late summer for picture perfect weather and to avoid other tourists.

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Rome vs. Barcelona (Pros & Cons for deciding which is better for you!)

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Vibrant culture, Spanish gastronomy, natural beauty, and stunning architecture, Andalusia has it all, plus some. Starting in Sevilla, home of Europe’s 3rd largest old town, get lost in the narrow streets and seek refuge in a giant pitcher of sangria. Moving on to the cliffside white village of Ronda, a summer escape for Hemingway, enjoy hiking through the gorge or wander to a cafe for traditional churros and chocolate. Granada, home to UNESCO-protected Alhambra, was home to royalty for centuries and is now considered one of the most spectacular structures in the entire world. Culture-lovers, foodies, photographers should visit in Spring or Fall to avoid the summertime heat. Here are the exact details for the itinerary. Considering visiting in May to enjoy the fun of La Feria seen below!


Europe_Best_Itineraries-6 alahambra16


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If you’re in search of the world’s best gelato, famed artwork, an infamous lean and jaw dropping seaside villages then this is it! Enjoy sights like the David and the Birth of Venus in the midst of the cobbled stone, savoring gelato and culture in one big gulp. Then head west for a quick visit to Pisa’s Leaning Tower so you can capture a few of those delightfully cheesy hold-up-the-tower shots, finally continue on to the five seaside villages that make Cinque Terre. Here you’ll have the choice of visiting each along a challenging but beautiful footpath or via train. Each village has it’s own delectable personality so good luck choosing your favorite! Great spring to fall for those that like to be active and enjoy photography and culture.



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ILet’s be honest, Prague may very well be the prettiest of all European cities. In the Old Town, an enchanting maze of pedestrian alleys through historic baroque buildings unfolds on to the river and famous Charles Bridge. Across the way Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral stand proudly. Taking the train south, Vienna, in it’s proud Habsburg history, continues the beautiful scene. The sprawling pedestrian-only city center is filled with elegant plazas and classical music. Great year-round for history, culture, music and photography lovers. Consider a visit in December to experience Europe’s favorite Christmas markets.



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Kick off the visit with Gaudi’s pride and the most popular tourist sight in all of Spain, La Sagrada Familia then get lost in the alleys and nightlife of El Born. Barcelona is enjoyable year-round, famed for sunshine and tasty tapas. Take a day trip to nearby Montserrat, a monastery nestled in the scenic mountainside inland then head north towards Costa Brava to Salvador Dali’s hometown, the picturesque village of Cadaques. Great for food and cultures lovers. If you want to take advantage of the beach scope out a trip from late spring to mid fall.

Barcelona: Airbnb 1 & Airbnb 2 || K+K Hotel Picasso & H10 Port Vell

Costa Brava (Cadaques): Airbnb 1 & Airbnb 2 || Hotel Ubaldo & Hotel Llane Petit


My sources? Rick Steves’ Guides, Trip Advisor forums, Eurorail & my personal travels!

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  • I’ve done the Florence/Pisa/Cinque Terre one! So great! I will say though, you can definitely just hit Pisa for a day or just a few hours. All you need to see there is the leaning Tower and the Duomo! In Cinque Terre take the boat from town to town! Its so nice!

    • Yes, I completely agree! I did a night in Pisa last August and was a bit disappointed with the options, though the tower itself is beautiful. 🙂

  • I second Sara’s tip! Pisa can really be done in a day and a half if that. Then cruise over to Lucca! It’s between Florence and Pisa/Cinque Terre. Such a perfect and fun little town!

    • Ohhh, great idea! I was in Pisa last summer and could’ve spent less time there, though I did love the tower itself. Lucca, huh? Definitely jotting it down, thanks gal!

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  • These are great itineraries, specially love the first one since I’ve never been to the Netherlands before.

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    • Yay, it’s definitely one of our favorite destinations – the food, the charm, the canals… LOVE it!

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      • Now Tuscany, that was one spot we were sure to add in. But I won’t complain about a return trip, I loved it there!

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  • Ahhhh amazing!!! I can’t wait to visit Hallstatt – do you think a day trip is enough? We are staying in Salzburg in May and wondering the best way to do it 🙂

    • Yep! I think a day trip is definitely enough time. It’s a teeny tiny little village! Definitely make time to rent a boat and float around on the water, mmk? 😀

  • These are such great suggestions! Fantastic post. I love that first shot of Prague you have there… I have never seen another photo from that angle.

    • Thanks so much Cynthia. That really means a lot, it’s definitely my goal to try and capture a different perspective on a place. 🙂

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    I’d love to do them all, but for more than a week (I prefer to explore like a local instead of only seeing tourist areas). Thanks for sharing this! We just got engaged and are making tentative plans for a honeymoon in Europe. We have friends in northern England and in Vienna to see, if we do that, so we need all the help we can find in figuring out how to do it all. 🙂

  • What a good roundup. I am itching to to the Rome + Amalfi coast itinerary. Good fact about Hallstat replica in China. I want to see that as well. Do you think Hallstat would be accessible/enjoyable in the winter months?

    • (sorry for the late reply!) Yep, because of how scenic Hallstatt is, nestled in the Alps, I’m sure it’d be beautiful in the wintertime. Man, with snow on the peaks it’d be gorgeous. My only hesitation is that I doubt you’d be able to rent a boat and enjoy the views on the water which is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen.

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    • Woohoo! I’m sure that must have been really exciting. My in-laws are hoping to see the pope speak while we’re there and I’m really hoping it pans out. Did you get to see him at all?

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        We should totally trade lives. Aha! 😛

  • That’s great post! Some of the places didn’t even come to my mind to combine them with other. Like Loire valley + Paris. Since we are from Europe and we don’t always have time for longer travel, this is really helpful with getting idea for shorter vacations around us 🙂

    • Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed the post! It took awhile to come up with these itineraries – thank good for TripAdvisor forums! As you noted, the Loire Valley and Paris doesn’t come to mind as a standard combo but it’s amazingly convenient.

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